271 – On Mid-Pandemic Meals: Triptych 46

I thought I would run out of new posts to write prior to publishing this entry. Thankfully, I now have more than enough materials to last me until the end of the year – up to early 2021! This year has been shitty for most here in Manila: From a dormant volcano reawakening after three … Continue reading 271 – On Mid-Pandemic Meals: Triptych 46

244 – On Taglines: Triptych 40

I currently work as a marketing writer outside of this blog. Thus, words and taglines are part and parcel of what I do everyday. The post titles in most of my entries here serve as proof of that specialty - which I have been doing since 2013. This triptych came about during an instance when … Continue reading 244 – On Taglines: Triptych 40