280 – On Former Colonies: Triptych 51

Once upon a time, the British Empire had the biggest colonial domain in the world. The empire's dominion was that substantial – which earned it the moniker "the empire on which the sun never sets." At least one part of the empire would be daytime, while the others would be night-time. This massive empire would … Continue reading 280 – On Former Colonies: Triptych 51

262 – On Eating Out In The New Normal

The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely shaken up how we live and work today with remote work arrangements, cashless payment methods, online shopping portals, and food delivery apps becoming part of the new normal. Governments worldwide have been exhorting people to stay home and step out only when absolutely necessary to avoid the spread of the … Continue reading 262 – On Eating Out In The New Normal

194 – On The Dohtonbori Experience

What comes in your mind when Japanese street food is mentioned? Some would think of takoyaki—savory batter balls filled with octopus chunks and topped with seaweed and bonito flakes (katsuobushi). Others would think of yakitori—meat and vegetable skewers cooked table-side and served with a shot of sake (rice wine.) But some others would remember okonomiyaki—the … Continue reading 194 – On The Dohtonbori Experience