170 – On Overseas Outfitting

Let's step aside from the usual food-related content for another outfit post. I'm no stranger to the classic polo-shirt-and-jeans combination, being the basis for most of my previous outfit entries. However, this one holds the record for the first combo I wore during a trip outside the Philippines. I could say that this white polo … Continue reading 170 – On Overseas Outfitting


158 – On Skinhead Symphonies And Nutcases

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm-moFUCOZU Yes, call me crazy for wearing this outfit in tropical summer weather—more so with Manila's heat and lack of trees. Blame it on force of habit; Sundays are the only time I can freely wear these types of clothes, and mainly for the times CJ and I go out. Besides, button-down shirts like these … Continue reading 158 – On Skinhead Symphonies And Nutcases

124 – On Channeling The 1950s And The Quarrymen

Before The Beatles, the so-called Fab Four, there was a skiffle band in Liverpool known as The Quarrymen. The group included a young John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and performed skiffle tunes—offshoots of blues and jazz music that utilized improvised instruments such as tea-chest basses and banjos made from cigar boxes. However, skiffle didn't last … Continue reading 124 – On Channeling The 1950s And The Quarrymen