263 – On A Midyear Pandemic Update

It has been more than two weeks since I last published an entry, back when Manila was put under the modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ) from August 4 to 18. The downgrading to a more stringent quarantine came after calls from medical frontliners who feared that the country’s medical capacity would be overwhelmed by the … Continue reading 263 – On A Midyear Pandemic Update

260 – On Lion City Parks

Singapore is the smallest nation in Southeast Asia, in terms of land area. However, it is a masterpiece of urban planning – an actual example of how a city would look like when urban planners had their way. It's not surprising, then, that large tracts of land for public parks still exist in the Lion … Continue reading 260 – On Lion City Parks

253 – On Budgeting And Avoiding The Dreaded Debt Trap

Nothing beats the euphoric feeling of receiving your salary twice a month. However, a good number do not experience this upon receiving the first tranche. Instead, they worry about budgeting their salary—mainly because a large portion of it ends up as payment for any loans or debts they incurred. This results in a smaller amount … Continue reading 253 – On Budgeting And Avoiding The Dreaded Debt Trap