338 – On Corner Cafes: Triptych 61

I have had the chance to leave the house ever since Manila loosened COVID-19 restrictions late last year. From the looks of it, the Philippines is on the way to reverting to the pre-pandemic normal. Just eschew the masks, and it's like the days before March 2020 all over again. (As of this writing, masks … Continue reading 338 – On Corner Cafes: Triptych 61


336 – On The Tenya Experience

I've extensively touched on Japanese restaurant Tenya in earlier posts (one from April 2019, another from July 2020, and another from December 2020) here on The Monching's Guide. Similar to the earlier Tendon Kohaku I previously wrote about, Tenya specializes in tendon or tempura donburi. Tenya serves as an alternative restaurant on days when I'm … Continue reading 336 – On The Tenya Experience