288 – On Reminiscing The Marketplace: Triptych 53

For today's post, let's reminisce the times that people still reported to physical offices for work. Before the pandemic struck in March 2020, I was among the members of the working class that frequently worked in the office on weekdays. People like me looked forward to lunch time after four hours of finishing tasks in … Continue reading 288 – On Reminiscing The Marketplace: Triptych 53

287 – On Quick Breaks: Triptych 52

More than a year after the pandemic struck, I've learned to value my errand runs. Those rare chances of venturing beyond my house could only be done once in a while. I managed to make the most out of these trips by writing down all the things I need to purchase. Once I finished buying … Continue reading 287 – On Quick Breaks: Triptych 52

283 – On A Greek Summer Meal

(From left to right)Mahi-Mahi Souvlaki: Skewered mahi-mahi cubes, tomatoes, peppers, and onions served with homemade pita bread, garlic yogurt and side saladCyma Lemonade: Cyma's signature lemonade with lemon slicesYemista: Rice, pine nuts, and sultanas stuffed in a green bell pepper served alongside a braised potato (Taken at Cyma Greek Taverna, Eastwood Mall)