362 – On A 2022 Q4 Update (Part 3)

Of course, the last quarter of 2022 would not be complete without the hauls I’ve acquired over its last three months. Part 3 of this four-entry series is dedicated to that.

I managed to buy this pair of canvas trainers from Sperry at a discounted price on Black Friday as a birthday gift to myself. These military trainers were originally priced at more than P3,000 ($60) when they first came out, but I managed to purchase this pair for P2,150 ($43). I’ve long eyed this particular model though I would have preferred if Sperry released a high-cut version of this. (Unfortunately, this pair fell apart as of publishing time – though I plan to have it fixed.)

I also purchased three pairs of ankle socks from local clothing purveyor Bench. These socks are meant for use with trainers – three pairs, in my case. I have had more dress socks than sporting socks ever since graduating from college, so these pairs would do a lot of good. These fit the bill when I’m wearing walking shorts and a casual T-shirt.

It has literally been years since I last purchased something from British purveyor Lush Cosmetics. I’m a fan of its perfumes, most especially its Dirty line – which I bought. I originally wanted the Dear John Perfume with its hints of coffee and citrus eventually mellowing down to leather and spices, but it was already phased out. The Dirty Body Spray was equally fantastic because of its fresh and herby profile, courtesy of its thyme component. This was not the first time I purchased something from this line, as I had already bought the Dirty Hair Cream and Ambrosia Shaving Cream years ago.

When my stock of Tiger Balm White ran out, I took the chance to try out the All Is Well Balm by local company Zenutrients. It boasts of a blend of different essential oils that give a cooling effect, but without the stinging intensity of Tiger Balm. I originally bought this in 2015 in roller form, but unfortunately lost it.

Dad finally had time to check his wardrobe for old pairs of pants he no longer uses, and he gave me this pair of stretch khaki trousers from Australian brand NEUW. I convinced him not to have it converted to shorts. Dad’s substantial wardrobe is the main reason why I no longer buy a lot of clothes – I often get the ones he no longer wears. This pair surprisingly held together despite the slim profile.

Remember the gift certificates I won last August? Well, I put them to good use by purchasing two pairs of oxford lace-ups from Preview for my younger brother. He had his final examinations in person, and his law school required him to wear smart casual or semi-formal. Trainers were also banned, which led to this purchase of leather shoes in black and brown. Aside from his face-to-face examinations, these pairs will come in handy during special occasions.

Days before 2022 ended, younger brother and I went to SM Megamall to buy some new clothes for ourselves. I purchased these undershirts for times when I need to wear long-sleeved shirts for more formal occasions. The three muscle shirts from Biofresh are meant to be worn with short-sleeved shirts. The two standard T-shirts from Yacht Club, meanwhile, are for long-sleeved dress shirts. This brings the total number of undershirts I have to six, as I already have one standard T-shirt. Note my choice of a V-neck collar as it is less likely to peek through buttoned-up shirts.

Lastly, I also bought this belt bag from Surplus Shop for exercise. It allows me to put my mobile phone inside with a provision for earphones, alongside a small wallet or coin purse. My smartphone goes into the front compartment, while the rear pocket holds money and other things. This one was priced at P200 ($4), so I didn’t pass on the chance.

This ends the third part of my 2022 fourth quarter post. Watch out for the last part of this four-entry series that concludes with food!


8 thoughts on “362 – On A 2022 Q4 Update (Part 3)

  1. You sparked my interest particularly with the All Is Well Balm by Zenutrients. I regularly use Tiger Balm, but only the white one because the red one causes me to have skin irritations. But the white one also smells very strongly. I’ll absolutely have to check if the All Is Well Balm is available here in Indonesia. 😊👍

    • Thank you for stopping by! 😁 I used Tiger Balm White too, until I found it too strong-smelling. Instead of reaching for an anti-headache medication, I simply apply it on my forehead.

      Since this is a Philippine product, I don’t know if Zenutrients ships outside the country. Though, based on its website — its products are available in Singapore.

      • Ya, it doesn’t look good. I tried my preferred internet shopping platform and couldn’t find anything. But I have a few more to try. 😉

  2. You bought a lot of nice things! I have never tried the perfumes and body sprays at Lush but I’m quite curious to smell them now! It’s great that you get to reuse the clothes your dad doesn’t want anymore! I sometimes do the same wit my mum’s ahahah

    • Yeah, definitely worth the money! Though I’m having second thoughts about the trainers — the repairs might cost more than the retail price of the shoes.

      Dad’s hand-me-downs are actually the reason why I seldom buy new clothes anymore 🤣 If I do buy, it’s often one shirt a year or two. But there are times that the stuff he gives us are way old-school, so a trip to the clothes alteration store modernizes things.

      I’ve looked up Lush over where you are, and there’s apparently one in Antwerp! It’s located along the Leysstraat, right beside Belgian Chocolate House.

  3. Some thoughtful purchasing there. I’m on the other side of the parent-child wardrobe sharing, I let my daughters take things that I don’t wear anymore. Slight ‘oh’ moment when one commented on how vintage an item was. I thought, so basically…saying I’m old! haha!

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