351 – On The Craft Coffee Revolution Experience

I’ve been to Craft Coffee Revolution multiple times, since starting The Monching’s Guide back in 2013. However, a full post would not be done until nine years later. Craft Coffee Revolution is one of many establishments that kick-started the third-wave coffee movement here in Manila, having had many branches in its heyday. These locations closed down over the years, however.

I first wrote about the joint in July 2016, back when it had a branch along West Avenue that later closed down. Craft Coffee Revolution also had a branch at the Loyola Heights area, which eventually became a different café altogether and closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Years later, new branches opened up at the F7 food hubs along Scout Borromeo and Belfast avenues that also occupy Caltex gas stations.

Dad, my younger brother, and I visited the F7 Belfast branch of Craft Coffee Revolution late last year, after we had dinner at Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken & Sauce Bar just a stone’s throw away. We checked out the place at night, which afforded us the privilege of being the only customers and enjoying a fast Wi-Fi connection that time. I promised myself that a subsequent visit will be in order after that December 2021 visit.

Fast forward to late September 2022. Cabin fever got the best of me, and coupled with a need to restock on groceries, I opted to work remotely during one instance. I had lunch at Hawker Chan after finishing my business at the supermarket. It had been raining before my Hawker Chan visit, so I had to wait for the rain to stop while having lunch. With my itinerary at the mall done, I then headed over to Craft Coffee Revolution‘s F7 Belfast branch to continue my work.

Visiting Craft Coffee Revolution during daytime is a totally different experience, compared to our earlier night visit. The establishment is a favorite hub of remote workers based at the northern tip of Manila. I did not feel out of place at all since other patrons were also on their laptops. Let’s proceed to the food; here are the items I ordered during my almost five-hour stay there.

A trip to Craft Coffee Revolution is never complete without trying out a slice of its Macadamia Sansrival (P180), which was my third instance of doing so. Since I just had a rather savory lunch at Hawker Chan, I opted for a sweeter coffee to wash down what I ate. The Dark Mocha (P200) fit the bill, with its slight bitterness tempering the sansrival’s sweet and buttery taste. The exotic nuts from Hawaii that adorned the sansrival also provided some texture.

Hours later, I ordered a Latte (P150) and a slice of the Pistachio Sansrival (P180) to ward off the post-lunch sleepiness. This other sansrival from Craft Coffee Revolution uses the Middle Eastern nut as a main ingredient, giving the dessert a more pronounced flavor. The latte, which contains a higher ratio of milk than coffee, cleansed the palate in preparation for the next bite. Thanks to this duo, I managed to stay awake until about 4:00 in the afternoon.

I finally ordered Craft Coffee Revolution‘s Sirloin Beef Tapa (P350) for an early dinner, alongside a Flat White (P150). For the uninitiated, tapa (fried beef jerky, pronounced tap-uh) is a traditional Filipino breakfast dish often served with garlic fried rice and an egg cooked sunny side up. Craft Coffee Revolution serves all-day breakfast, with this dish one of its popular options. The Flat White, with its equal ratio of milk and coffee, paired well with this breakfast favorite – traditionally, this would be served with a strong, black cup of joe.

Now that I’ve talked about the food at Craft Coffee Revolution F7 Belfast, let me utilize the last part of this entry to discuss the system there for anybody planning to work at the café. Every purchase entitles a patron to a code, which allows for a maximum of two hours’ Wi-Fi use for only one device – in my case, my personal laptop. However, the connection may become slow at times depending on the number of users present.

Electric outlets for charging laptops are also available, with staff members willingly setting these up for remote workers. The outlets accept chargers with three-pin (I-O-I) plugs, but I still bought a three-pin to two-pin (I-I) adaptor just in case. Moreover, parking is never a problem as Craft Coffee Revolution has spaces at the front. I was able to keep a close eye on my car as my seat inside the café was right in front of where I parked.

Head over to Craft Coffee Revolution on Facebook and on Instagram to stay abreast with its latest news and promotions

Until the next review, bon appetit! Let me end this post with a friendly reminder.

Craft Coffee Revolution
F7 Belfast, Block 8 Lot 1,
Neopolitan Business Park, Belfast Avenue,
Brgy. Greater Lagro, Quezon City 1100


13 thoughts on “351 – On The Craft Coffee Revolution Experience

  1. Wow! You devoured all these delicacies on the same day, after your visit at Hawker Chan? 😳 I am stuffed only from reading your post and seeing the photos of the cake slices and the beef meal. 🤩
    But I have to admit that probably, I wouldn’t have been able to resist such delicious looking food, and they would have had to roll me out of the restaurant at the end of my visit. 😁

    • Well, yes. 😋 But here’s the thing: If you noticed the Hawker Chan post, you’ll see that I didn’t order an extra cup of rice. Younger me would have ordered another, but one too many instances of food comas led me to adopt a single serving of rice with every meal.

      And what I did not mention here was that I visited another mall — one across the mall where Hawker Chan is — for some errands. That required a lot of walking. 😆

    • Right on! In spite of all the fancy ways to serve coffee, it’s always the good ol’ cup of joe that delivers. ☕

      I’m pretty partial to the coffee served in the Little Red Dot (mixed in with condensed milk), but the plain Americano gives me that much-needed caffeine kick (just like you) — most especially now that I’m dealing with a bad throat as of writing.

  2. Wow, everything looks delicious! I love coffee places where you can study or work, they always have a nice and friendly vibe in my experience! The Beef Tapa also looks and sounds amazing!!

    • They surely were! 😀 It’s not surprising that Craft Coffee Revolution’s branches are frequently visited; the other two locations are more suitable for bikers. 🚲

      It’s definitely amazing, and I do recommend that you try it — not just from this establishment, but at others. Tapa holds the distinction of being one of the Philippines’ signature breakfasts. 😉

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