345 – On Hitting 9 Years: An Audio Blog

Incidentally, 2022 coincides with my 32nd birthday (exactly on this day, November 3) and my 9th year in blogging – so here’s a short audio blog to mark those two highlights.

Until the next post!


58 thoughts on “345 – On Hitting 9 Years: An Audio Blog

  1. Ooooh, I’m so sorry 😢 I was too busy to even open WordPress during the last few days. That’s why I missed your birthday. Belated happy birthday and many happy and healthy returns of the day! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! 🎂🎈

  2. Belated birthday wishes and happy blogiversary! I admire your consistency and integrity and have very much enjoyed following your writing.

  3. Happy ninth! So cool to hear your voice. Tech really is an interesting thing. Keep learning more and more about the bloggers here on WP. Today, I get to hear your voice. And you have a Southern accent in some parts, and Pinoy on others, lol.

    • Thank you, Stuart! 🙂 Though, I don’t consider my accent to be Southern — more like a neutral one that needs to be further refined. The one where I shift to a more Filipino accent is actually in moments when I forget the English translation for a certain Filipino word haha!

      The actual recording has a lot of pauses and fillers, which I deleted during the editing process.

  4. This may be suuuppppeeerrrr late but happy birthday and congratulations on 9 years of blogging! ❤ It's lovely to hear your voice again and despite my binge-reading tendencies of late, I always look forward to reading your entries. Happy holidays!

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