342 – On A 2022 Third Quarter Update (Part 1)

Here’s what most of you have been waiting for: My quarterly update! Lots of things happened for the past three months, with most of them occurring in August.

Let’s start off this multi-part post, the first of two, with some non-food things.


Nothing much happened this month, save for two trips away from the house. I paid a visit to the Ortigas and Cubao areas during the first week of July, which coincided with Fourth of July celebrations.

Two posts from that trip – Nanyang Asian Kopitiam and the jambalaya feature – were subsequently published the following month. I also purchased a card reader for different SD cards we have at home, since my current laptop does not have a built-in reader.

I later paid a visit to Eastwood City in mid-July to restock on some grocery items, get a haircut and have younger brother’s glasses fixed. Thankfully, I accomplished all those tasks.


I was rather busy during the middle of August as a lot of things happened on my end. It so happened that the overall head for Manila operations in my current work would be flying to the Philippines after two years of the pandemic. With that, he arranged a grand get-together for everyone in the company on one Saturday.

I opted to work remotely on that day, making a reservation at CO&CO Works along Katipunan Avenue. I first discovered the co-working space on Instagram through its ads, later deciding to sign up as it was a short drive away from the get-together’s location.

While the daily rate was P550 ($11) for eight hours, it came with a lot of amenities such as high-speed internet, free-flowing drinks, lockers, free scanning and printing, and video conferencing booths. I finished my shift here and drove to the venue afterward.

For anyone based in Manila who wishes to visit, you can find CO&CO Works at the second floor of JSO Building, 1800 Katipunan Avenue, Project 4, Quezon City. It’s located right beside the McDonald’s with a drive-thru along that stretch of road. Reservations can be made through its website.

It was nice seeing the rest of my colleagues after two years of working from home. We had an all-out dinner at Jin Joo, a Korean joint a stone’s throw away from my office. (I won’t post pictures for privacy reasons.) Nevertheless, Lady Luck accompanied me during this instance – as I won P5,000 ($100) worth of gift certificates.

Dad, younger brother and I celebrated Mom’s first death anniversary days later. In the Filipino tradition, the first death anniversary marks the end of the mourning period (babang-luksa). We went to church on the day of her death to attend the first Mass and spent some time with her at the cemetery.

The following week, we organized a gathering to celebrate her life. Relatives from her side of the family, alongside a few close friends, were invited. Truly a way to mark a life well lived.


Coinciding with Labor Day in the US, our Texas-based bosses gave us an extra day off – which was a welcome respite since we seldom have long weekends. I took the opportunity to have my driver’s license renewed, since Filipinos can apply for license renewal at least 60 days before their birthday.

I managed to obtain a 10-year license, which was a privilege granted to license holders who do not incur any violations. I simply need to show up on the fourth and seventh year of my license’s validity for a periodic medical checkup to assess if I am still physically fit to drive. “Stay disciplined,” said the congratulatory message I received for getting a license valid for a decade.

If you remember the H&M coupon I received in the previous quarter, I finally put it to good use. Another full basket of used textiles yielded me a second discount coupon. Both ended up being used to purchase two pairs of shorts at the fast fashion retailer.

September also saw the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning British monarch, at age 96. Many paid tribute to the queen before she was laid to rest, including several world leaders. King Charles III was named as the next monarch with his mother’s passing, with his wife Camila becoming queen consort.

During the last week of September, Super Typhoon Noru (local name “Karding”) battered Manila. The storm caused damage in various Philippine provinces, but the city where I am situated was not that affected. There were strong winds during the evening of Sept. 25, but the next day saw fairer weather – with just a short period of heavy rain in the late afternoon.

Moreover, Hurricane Ian also hit the Sunshine State. My aunt who’s based in Jacksonville told me she was safe after I checked up on her. It was fortunate that she did not suffer any injuries, and I hope Florida gets back on its feet.

While I’m at it, here are the posts I’ve published from July and August 2022, sans the updates from Q2.

330 – On Crustacean Curry And Contrasting Cooking Times

331 – On Cruciferous Rice Fillers

334 – On The Nanyang Experience

335 – On The Jambalaya Jive

That’s it for my rather short update about the third quarter of 2022. Do stay tuned for the next entry as I’ll talk about food and drink in that.

Until the next post!

21 thoughts on “342 – On A 2022 Third Quarter Update (Part 1)

    • Thank you for your comment, Maryanne. 🙂 She’s been gone for more than a year now, and I know she’s in a better place.

      It’s just that Filipino culture often celebrates the first death anniversary of the deceased, which marks the end of the mourning period.

  1. Congrats for winning the gift certificates at your company’s event. You really had Lady Luck at your side. 😁👍

    We have a similar tradition in Italy where on the first, second and third death anniversary, a mass is held, and the family gathers together to remember the deceased. 🖤

    I’m glad to read that not only your family members in the Philippines, but also the ones in the USA are safe and sound in this year’s crazy weather. 🤗

    • Thank you! 😀 P5,000 is no joke — it’s actually the second-biggest prize during the time, not to mention the GCs don’t have an expiration date.

      I see; I guess the common Catholic traditions shared by both the Philippines and Italy come to mind. In the same vein, Filipinos would often offer masses annually for their dead relatives on the day that they left this Earth. But now that November is nearing, the entire month is usually dedicated to masses for all those who have passed away — which is rather reminiscent of Mexican Dia de los Muertos traditions. 🙂

  2. I felt “achieve na achieve” when I got my 10-year license, the same feeling I have every time I successfully complete a transaction in a government office (where there’s always a risk of a delays, rejection, and other inconveniences). Didn’t know kailangan pala ng periodic check-up at the 4th and 7th year!!!

    • Indeed! I didn’t expect na 10 years makukuha kong renewal; was expecting na 5 years lang due to some technicality. In my case though, tinatak nila yung check-up dates sa resibo (the printed one you get alongside your new license.) 🙂

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  4. A good quarter overall, with some good luck there with your win! I’m sorry for the loss of your Mum, I remember reading about you collecting an award from her work. I hope the one-year anniversary celebration brought you lots of comfort and good memories. I have the sense you are a credit to your Mum. Wishing you a good final quarter of the year… and doesn’t that make you realise how fast this year has passed!

    • Thank you, Helen! Yeah, that was last June — and people weren’t surprised with the award she received, albeit many of them commented that it should have been given while she was still alive.

      As of writing, I haven’t spent the gift cheques yet. But with all the pre-Christmas sales nearing, I might find a reason to do so haha!

    • Thank you, Aspasia! Do take your time with reading stuff around here. 😀

      Every successful applicant gets an initial 5-year license. If they maintain a spotless driving record for that period, they qualify for the 10-year license. Any violations, and they won’t be able to apply for the higher tier — plus they will need to settle those violations through attending driving safety seminars and, if needed, retaking the practical driving test.

      Ten-year license holders aren’t exempt, either. If they commit traffic violations within that 10-year span, their license is downgraded to 5 years and will need to start anew with keeping a spotless record.

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