328 – On Errand Meals: Triptych 59

The more relaxed restrictions here in Manila have permitted me to make more frequent trips to malls since February. In addition, the less stringent guidelines contributed to me being able to visit more establishments – which translates to more content for the blog.

Despite the relaxed restrictions, we’re still on a work from home setup – with the Texas-based bosses insinuating that we’ll be on remote work forever. It’s a win for me then; no more waking up early and rushing to traffic. But sometimes, cabin fever gets the best of me that I still desire to go out.

This time, let me share three meals I had during three errand runs over the past months.

I tried out this Breakfast Muesli from Oh My Greek at SM North EDSA back in February, when I took on driver duties for Valentine’s Day. While this is often eaten for breakfast, this nevertheless filled me up as a dessert; I already had dinner prior to this. The granola added in some texture, while the berries added a dash of nutrition to the in-house Greek yogurt.

This Ebi Tempura Katsudon from Katsu Sora at Eastwood Mall was from March, when I brought my work computer to the office for repairs. The prawns were rather substantial in size, which meant that I easily got full. The soy sauce, egg, and white onion mixture made this one more delectable. I ultimately went home satisfied with both this meal and my newly-fixed unit.

Lastly, this Shrimp Cutlet Curry with Extra Egg and Mushroom from CoCo Ichibanya at Eastwood Mall was a last-minute decision after purchasing two new curtains for my room. This one was rather indulgent for a meatless dinner. Sautéed mushrooms and fluffy scrambled eggs accompanied steaming hot rice and a juicy shrimp cutlet. What more could I ask for?

And that ends this triptych. Until the next post, bon appetit!


29 thoughts on “328 – On Errand Meals: Triptych 59

  1. yehey to forever wfh! and i feel you, the cabin fever is getting into me too especially at the end of each week. but i’m still grateful because no need to rush every morning and no more cafeteria meals. 

    • Well, di naman actually forever; pag may sumabit sa quota, quality, or attendance — RTO kami.

      And yes, malaki natitipid ng WFH setup! I’ve managed to save up a lot of money compared with reporting everyday to a physical office. And let’s not talk about the rising gas prices…

  2. Been working from home for the past two years — it’s a plus in many ways (as you said, you save a lot on time and money), but it can also be isolating at times. It’s good that you’re heading out so you can enjoy a change of environment — I think that’s important to keep us inspired.
    PS: that curry looks delish. We had a Coco Ichibanya here in KL; unfortunately it closed permanently before I got to try it :c

    • Thank you for sharing, Eris! Agreeing with your comments on isolation; with that, I look forward to working remotely this month haha!

      CoCo Ichibanya is definitely a favorite, seven years since it landed here! Do tell me if you’re here in the PH so I can bring you and N over there. 😊

    • It sure is! Walang traffic, tapos di mo kailangang magbihis 🤣 Pabor din sa akin kasi my work sched is from Tuesday to Saturday — so iwas sa Monday morning rush!

      It sure was! 🍤🍚 Katsu Sora used to have a buffet of rice, vegetables, and salad pre-pandemic. But then COVID came 😢

      • Yung pinakamasaya talaga ay yung no traffic and yung you can sleep in eh! Uyy, nice! Ok rin pala work sched mo! 🙂

        Aww, sayang! Baka di na makakabalik si buffet 😢

      • Naku, mabuti nga at ganoon — traffic is apparently returning to pre-pandemic levels. Tapos mahal na ang gas…

        Yeah, mukhang ganoon na nga. I did enjoy the unlimited broccoli and multigrain rice though. 😅

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences. 🙏
    I’ve been working from home already a long, long time before Covid even started. 😉
    Back in Munich, I had to commute almost 2 hours to/from work everyday with subway, train and bus, with sometimes bad connections. Working from home, I had better use for these two hours every day. 🤔
    I never really suffered from cabin fever, probably because my homes always had either a small garden or a balcony, so that I could also stay outside and sometimes even work outside. 😊

    Another aspect, as you already mentioned, are the costs for commuting.
    My monthly ticket back in Germany was more that’s 100 Euros and I don’t want to know what it would cost nowadays. If you’re not working for a company that pays compensations for commuting costs, having 100 Euros more or less every month can make quite a difference. 😬

    • No problem Livia, and thank you too for stopping by! Good for you that you managed to negotiate a remote working setup. 🙂

      As for me, I’ve been reporting to the office since I first joined the workforce in 2012. I’ve also taken both public transportation and a private vehicle for that purpose, and it was definitely convenient to have a remote work setup now.

      I would usually wake up at around 4 am to prepare for an hour, and leave the house at 5 am. I get the advantage of lighter traffic flow if I drive, and faster travel time if I commute. But going home is another story, however, as I have to either get home by 4 pm or wait out the evening rush and arrive at 9 pm.

      Commuting in the Philippines is cheaper, but takes up more time. If I bring my own car, I incur additional expenses: Fuel costs and parking fees. Both aren’t cheap, and they easily take up a huge part of my expenses.

      • Oh, wow! 😬 My way to/from work was already quite a hell, but if I hear what you’ve been through, I hope you’ll be able to continue to work remotely 😊👍

  4. Here’s to the freedom of working from home- you still got to get out regularly, but at least your doing it on your own terms! Out of interest ( and forgive me- bit off topic!) I’m vegetarian; would I find it hard to eat out in the Philippines ? Your food snaps always look lovely, I’m curious if there are veggie versions/options.

    • Indeed! I’m actually looking forward to working remotely on the last week of June.

      No, not a problem at all! I’d say vegetarians won’t have an issue eating out here in Manila, as a huge majority of restaurants here have non-meat options.

      Some others, however, cater to vegans — eschewing all animal-based ingredients. These establishments often indicate their vegan-friendly items on the menu.

      If I may ask though, are you avoiding seafood and dairy products as part of your diet?

      • Oh, I see. Your best bet, if eating out here in Manila, would be to frequent more modern joints — as they have options for vegans and vegetarians.

        Traditional Filipino restaurants may not fit your dietary preference though, as most of them often combine vegetables with minimal amounts of pork and shrimp.

  5. Working from home seems like a lifetime away. I just concluded the first full year of in person teaching since 2019.

    I can definitely see myself having the muesli breakfast as an afternoon snack, yum!

    • Congratulations! Despite all the ups and downs of Lebanon — from the pandemic, the Beirut port explosion, rapid inflation, and change of government — you made it to the finish line. 🙂

      Now that you mentioned it, I ought to visit that establishment once more — it has pretty good Greek menu items!

      • Thank you! Oh yeah, this summer vacation seems like my hard earned reward after such a tough year of teaching kindergarten.

        Can’t wait to see what other items you will try from the menu.

    • True that! Actually Doc, pwede mong papalitan ang rice choices if you don’t prefer white rice.

      Meron silang multi-grain rice if you want a more filling option, and turmeric rice for a hint of curcumin! 🍛

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