324 – On The Weekenders

How many years has it been since I last posted an OOTD? I posted the last one in 2018, and an earlier entry from 2015 was at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) commercial district in Taguig. Well, it’s time we brush off the dust from that section.

I wore this outfit during a hot Saturday in late April, when my younger brother and I visited BGC. The commercial district is a hangout spot popular among the youth, which we saw many of during our visit. It is also home to many expatriates – mostly Caucasian – and their Filipina wives.

If you get the chance to meet me in person, you’ll see me wearing this kind of ensemble more often than not. In fact, I consider it as some kind of a go-to combination – collared polo shirt, khaki trousers, and trainers.

Dry season in the Philippines usually happens from March to June, with hot summer days coming with it. White and other light colors help keep temperatures cool, so I opted to wear this polo shirt in blue green from Saudi apparel brand Redtag Man. Polo shirts are versatile: Wear them tucked into trousers for a more formal look, and keep them untucked for something more casual.

I purchased this ELECOM three-way bag from Tokyu Hands at Jewel Changi back in 2019. I previously used it in its backpack configuration throughout my four-day trip to Singapore that year. It has seen extensive use as an everyday bag since then.

For this instance, I used the bag in its over-the-shoulder/hand-carry configuration. The three-way bag surprisingly holds a lot of items thanks to several pockets – both concealed and visible. It can actually fit a laptop!

This pair of khaki trousers from Wrangler originally came from Dad, who subsequently gave it to me. I had it altered, however, so it does not look too baggy. It was first purchased as a straight-cut pair that I sent to alterations for tapering the leg area and shortening the overall length. It now sits nicely on my waist and actually looks flattering for a tall guy like me. (I stand 5’11” for reference.)

There was a point in my life that I opted to wear trousers with a regular cut. Those kinds sat neatly on the waist, but looked rather old-school as they had an opening that dropped straight down. In fact, I noticed that most Filipinos aged 40 and older would wear pants with that kind of cut. This observation persuaded me to have all my trousers altered so that they slightly taper and hug my legs.

Last but not the least, I opted for the iconic adidas Samba trainers in majority black colorway to round out the ensemble. As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I purchased these in February 2020 – before the world locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Samba trainers were originally designed for soccer training on icy surfaces. While there’s no ice here in Manila, the shoe’s gum sole can withstand long walks on concrete pavements. I managed to purchase this pair on a discount, and in my size. My shoe size is US 12, which makes looking for new shoes difficult. Thankfully, adidas carries up to size 13.

Blue-green polo shirt: Redtag Man
Cotton khaki trousers: Wrangler
Three-way bag: ELECOM
Trainers: adidas Samba OG


18 thoughts on “324 – On The Weekenders

  1. Nice classic style that doesn’t go out of style! Good tip about the pants altered for a tapered fit. Those trainer shoes are popular in the US too among young guys. Have a good rest of the weekend.

    • Thank you and wishing you likewise!

      For the pants, there’s a returning trend of them having a looser fit and longer length — so most fold them about once or twice.

      It definitely is, but most Americans would stick to the classic Stan Smiths and the “shell-toe” Superstar shoes. Some celebrities even rock those kinds of footwear to otherwise formal red-carpet events!

      • The trends go back and forth. The skinny jeans trend was pretty bad, and I had a terrible time finding one that fit without me looking like a sausage. lol. I finally found one at J.Crew, which I wore a few times and now it’s collecting dust in the closet. Back to my comfortable bootcut jeans.
        I’ve seen lots of people wearing the shell-toe” ones here but the black ones too. I wonder which one is more comfortable.
        Take care and have a great weekend.

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