313 – On The Fish & Co. Experience

Months ago, I dined at Modern Shanghai in Trinoma mall – an hour’s drive away from where I live. I mentioned in that entry how it shares dining and kitchen space with Fish & Co. Little did I know that I would eventually manage to return and try out dishes from the other restaurant, which came to fruition on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a short introduction about Fish & Co. before I proceed. The Singaporean restaurant was first established in 1998 as a nod to the owners’ trips to the Mediterranean. According to the owners, fishermen in the area often serve their catch right in the same pan where they cook them. Fish & Co. borrowed the concept for their dishes, which is why you see some of their dishes being served in a pan.

The Bistro Group is responsible for bringing the brand to Philippine shores. Incidentally, Modern Shanghai is also under its wing – thus, the shared dining and kitchen space. The Bistro Group is also responsible for other restaurants such as Denny’s and TGI Friday’s.

I headed to Fish & Co. ahead of time for an early dinner, anticipating the rush of couples set to have their romantic dinner on the evening of Feb. 14. I ordered three dishes during that instance – and without further ado, here they are.

I began my meal with a bowl of the New England Clam Chowder. I liked this one because of how fresh the ingredients were – I could even taste the fresh clams mixed in. If you ask me, however, some oyster crackers – the traditional accompaniment for this soup in the Northeast – could have given it a more traditional Northeastern feel.

While this isn’t exactly the home-cooked version of the iconic soup, its taste reminded me of clam chowders I tried before from high-end counterparts. Aside from this, I found the serving size for this chowder was too small for its price. Nevertheless, I would order this soup the next time I return just to whet my appetite.

A trip to Fish & Co. would not be complete without trying its signature fish and chips. The restaurant offers two options for this: Solo for single diners and sharing options for two or more patrons. While most would choose the joint’s Best Fish and Chips, I opted for one with a twist – a solo serving of the Philadelphia Fish and Chips.

The Philadelphia Fish and Chips takes its name from the Philadelphia cream cheese stuffed inside the fish. It came with lemon butter and ketchup, albeit I did not opt for the latter. A side of French fries – what the British call “chips” – accompanied this dish. This item is also available in the Indonesian branches of Fish & Co., but is absent from the Singaporean menu.

The well-seasoned fish fillet (not cream dory, mind you) paired marvelously with the chips. However, the cream cheese stuffing “carried” the fish’s seasoning – making it overly salty at some point. Good thing the lemon butter managed to cut through the saltiness of the fish fillet. On the other hand, the fries surprisingly jived well with the lemon butter sauce as the latter’s lemony taste cut through the oil.

Being a rice-eater myself, I ordered a main dish perfect for those swearing off meat – the Herb-Crusted Salmon. It was available in both solo and sharing sizes just like the fish and chips, but I took the smaller serving. It consisted of a thick slab of salmon with skin on, coated with herbed breadcrumbs and topped with a mushroom cream sauce. The salmon was accompanied by garlic rice and sautéed vegetables.

Fish & Co. definitely prepared the salmon used in this dish very well. You could even eat the skin whole, which proved that this was cooked skin side down first. The mushroom sauce and the herbed coating managed to tone down the fishiness salmon is known for. I would surely order the larger sharing plate on my next visit, as salmon is very much known for having healthy fish oils.

All in all, this trip to Fish & Co. on Valentine evening was definitely worth it. I had been eyeing this restaurant since my visit to Modern Shanghai late last year, and I’m thankful that I managed to sneak in a visit. I could actually opt to try its different takes on fish and chips, alongside its other healthier fish and seafood options.

Visit Fish & Co. Philippines on Facebook, Instagram, and its official website. You can also check out Fish & Co.’s corporate website at this link.

Until the next post, bon appetit.

Fish & Co.
4/F Garden Restaurants,
Trinoma Mall, North Avenue cor. EDSA,
Brgy. Bagong Pag-Asa, Quezon City 1105


24 thoughts on “313 – On The Fish & Co. Experience

  1. Hi there! I think I hear you saying “shared kitchen style” restaurant story a lot from your post. Is this style popular in Singapore? Here in the US, I think only a few restaurant do that🤔

    • Thank you for your comment! A word of warning: This will be a rather long reply haha!

      Shared kitchens (also called cloud kitchens) gained popularity in Southeast Asia alongside food delivery apps (e.g. FoodPanda, GrabFood, etc.) during the pandemic. This allowed restaurants to operate despite restrictions on indoor eating. With shared kitchens, different establishments (or in this case, two separate restaurants under one company) can continue cooking for customers who either book through food delivery apps or opt for restaurant pickup.

      For restaurants with eat-in services, shared kitchens are practical from a business standpoint. It’s cheaper to manage and maintain one kitchen and one cooking team instead of two separate kitchens and staff.

      Singapore was the first country to embrace the concept, and it has since spread to different countries in Southeast Asia. Looking at things now with the continued popularity of food delivery apps, I guess these shared kitchen setups are here to stay. 🙂

      • Oh wow thank you for the thorough explanation! I really appreciate that🙏✨
        Yes sounds like it is absolutely economical and efficient to manage restaurants. In the US it may not be boomed since they got huge lands (except in those area their rent is surprisingly expensive) but Japan should think about this shared kitchen business style🤔

        For now, it might be only two restaurants under 1 company is mainstream, but I think as long as people make a good agreement, it can be helpful for those small business too. I bet Singapore’s rent is high and because of that small business especially startup restaurants avoid opening in the city area…or am I too optimistic? If these 2 restaurants both become popular, the small, “shared” kitchen could be the place where fighting start🤣

  2. Hi Monch,

    Fish and chips originated in the UK in the late 19th Century. Traditionally, the fish should be Atlantic Cod or Haddock. Nice big sweet flakey white fish that doesn’t need philly cheese make it good. I sometime make my own fish and chips using beer batter (plain flour, salt and pepper and beer ). The batter should be crisp and not greasy (as it can be if the fish has been cooked too long), with firm creamy flakes of cod or haddock. Traditionally we serve fish and chips simply with sea salt and vinegar.
    Best Wishes

    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing how you prepare fish and chips, Chef Kevin!

      But to cut the joint some slack, the stuffing appears to be its own twist on the British favorite. I checked Fish & Co.’s menu in other countries and saw different variations — such as Singaporean (topped with chili crab sauce), New York (stuffed with parmesan), and Bali (topped with sambal).

      • I just saw that we have a branch of them here in Bali but it’s crazy expensive 😳
        One portion costs about 5 or 6 times as much as a Beef Rendang with vegetables and rice in my favorite restaurant. 😳
        If you’re interested, they have the following fish & chips dishes:
        – The best fish & chips in town with lemon butter sauce
        – Danish fish & chips with mozzarella cheese, chili and lemon butter sauce
        – New York fish & chips with Parmesan filling and lemon butter sauce
        – Singapore fish & chips with special Fish & Co. Portuguese sauce
        – Malaysia fish & chips with special Fish & Co. Sambal (chili sauce)
        – Manado fish & chips with special Fish & Co. Dabu-Dabu (chili sauce with tomatoes and limejuice, made from raw ingredients)
        That’s it. 😉

      • Wow, you really looked up the menu! 😲 Thank you haha! 😅 The only items we have here in the PH franchise are the New York and Best Fish and Chips though.

    • Definitely is! I don’t know if it’s still a tradition over there in the US, but a lot of restaurants (depending on where you are) often serve fish and chips every Wednesdays and Fridays of Lent. Hope there’s one near you!

      • I live pretty close to the beach so It’s not too hard to get fish and chips, but I’ve never seen Philadelphia style. That sounds amazing! I’m going to have to look into it now.

  3. I’m sad that they don’t have the Philadelphia Fish and Chips in Singapore – but i’ll be sure to check what they do have. I’m suddenly craving!

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