306 – On A 2021 Fourth Quarter Update (Part 2)

December was a rather busy month as the holidays neared. Alongside that, the B11529 omicron variant started to make waves – forcing countries worldwide to impose lockdowns and intensify inoculation drives. Fortunately, we managed to sneak in some last-minute trips before restrictions were tightened here in Manila.

Putting those aside, I published three triptych entries (No. 55, No. 56, and No. 57) to tide me over for the meantime. I also posted our Black Friday trip from November, in which we accomplished several tasks before the holiday rush.

We had dinner at Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken & Sauce Bar, located near where I live, in early December. I wrote about the experience and touched on several of the joint’s picks. However, the story does not end there – as we visited Craft Coffee Revolution‘s new branch in the north. I last wrote about the coffee shop in a 2016 triptych.

It has been a habit of ours to drink coffee after every meal to help with digestion. This situation was no different. We ordered our respective coffees and a slice of Craft Coffee‘s Macadamia Sans Rival. It was definitely good to hear that the joint opened up a branch near me, as the nearest branches were often a drive away.

After that trip, we did not venture far as it was already the Christmas rush. We were also anticipating a possible surge of COVID-19 cases due to the omicron variant, which the relaxed restrictions further exacerbated. Preparing Christmas meals did not become too cumbersome as we already had ingredients and we opted for simple dishes. We also eschewed the face-to-face Christmas Eve mass, opting instead to participate via live streaming.

Me and my younger brother left the house on Boxing Day for some post-holiday shopping. What was supposed to be a meetup with a college friend of his turned out to be a last-minute errand run.

While I won’t elaborate too much on this, can I just say that Manila traffic is extraordinarily light when the post-Christmas rush is gone. The trip also became an opportunity for me to wear my short-sleeved casual batik shirt from Uniqlo, which I purchased in December 2020.

Three days later, the three of us went out of town after almost a year of being stuck in Manila. Our last trip to Paseo Outlets at the south of Manila was back in January 2021, but this time – we headed north to the province of Pampanga.

Located some distance from Clark Air Base, the public market of the nearby barangay Dau (pronounced da-ooh) is lined with shops selling uniforms and equipment for military and police personnel. We also paid the Clark Freeport Zone a visit, purchasing some imported goods at the duty-free supermarket there.

I’ll conclude the second post of this four-part series on this note. Until the next post, keep your eyes here at The Monching’s Guide!


12 thoughts on “306 – On A 2021 Fourth Quarter Update (Part 2)

  1. I did a double take at your photo because of that SM sign – how did I miss or forget we’re on the same side of the planet?? The typhoon must’ve blown that information away from my brain hahaha 😂 but HELLO KABAYAN 😍

    My holidays were… candlelit and stressful, among others. LOL

    • Interestingly, that SM is a 30-minute drive away from me! And yeah, other Filipino bloggers often mistake me for some random foreigner — tapos magugulat pag nag-Filipino ako sa comment! 😂

      But still, good to hear na nakakabangon na rin kayo diyan post-Odette. Padayon ta!

      (Disclaimer: Konti lang alam kong Bisaya) 😅

      • I think it’s your name 😉 Though “monching” should’ve been a give away… unless they also misread it as I did and thought munching LOL 😂 Ano baaaaa. Hahaha!

        Walang choice, need bumangon para sa kinabukasan 😉 Glad to properly make your acquaintance, and hope you’re all doing well there!

        (No pressure sa Bisaya, but I appreciate it 🥰)

  2. I like the idea of posting quarterly updates. Gives you a chance to reflect on what’s been going on and maybe think about what you want to do in the next few months. I love seeing the pictures of greenery as everything’s dead over here in with winter.

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