303 – THIS OR THAT 7: Binggrae Acafela Vanilla Latte or Mr. Brown French Vanilla Coffee Drink

Let’s start 2022 right with how most of us would start our regular day – with coffee, of course! My blog is no stranger to bottled coffee. In fact, one of the most-viewed posts here is my bottled coffee triptych from April 2016. While that post featured three bottled coffee drinks from that period, this one will feature two such beverages I purchased back in mid-November 2021.

I found these two drinks at the imported goods section of a major supermarket. These are often more expensive than the usual, so I took the risk and bought them. Now, let’s get right to the bottom of things and compare these two!

Binggrae Acafela Vanilla Latte:
Hallyu packed in a small bottle

Hailing from South Korea, the Binggrae Acafela Vanila Latte is a mainstay at Korean grocery stores. It boasts of using NY2-graded coffee beans from Brazil. Its 240 ml size makes it a convenient drink to put in your bag and enjoy everywhere.

Despite being a coffee drink, it had a more pronounced vanilla scent – with the vanilla taste overpowering. The coffee had a rather mild aftertaste, with the vanilla’s sweetness dominating. Overall, I found that it tastes more like vanilla ice cream than coffee.

Mr. Brown French Vanilla Coffee Drink:
Fine Formosa brew

On the other hand, the Taiwanese Mr. Brown French Vanilla Coffee Drink is a mainstay in several big groceries. It comes in a larger 330 ml bottle that lets you enjoy more coffee. The drink boasts of using 100% coffee extract – which emerges as soon as you open the bottle.

While the coffee extract hits you at first sniff, it mellows down and becomes more subtle. It has the right amount of sweetness with hints of milk and minimal vanilla. I eventually perceived a more pronounced coffee aftertaste upon finishing the bottle.

Will it be this Binggrae Acafela Vanila Latte or that Mr. Brown French Vanilla Coffee Drink?

This time, my vote goes to that Mr. Brown French Vanilla Coffee Drink. There are times that I need a strong coffee drink to get me on my toes, and the Mr. Brown French Vanilla Coffee Drink fits the bill perfectly. While the Binggrae Acafela Vanila Latte is equally commendable, I find it more appropriate as a dessert-type drink due to its sweetness.

And that’s it for this short post. Until the next entry, bon appetit and wishing you a prosperous 2022 ahead!


24 thoughts on “303 – THIS OR THAT 7: Binggrae Acafela Vanilla Latte or Mr. Brown French Vanilla Coffee Drink

  1. I used to drink iced coffee drinks quite some time ago but I stopped due to the plastic bottles I don’t like. Back then, Mr. Brown was always my favorite. It’s as close to a coffee as an iced drink in a plastic bottle can be 😉
    Have you ever tried cold brewed iced coffee? I completely forgot the name but there’s a brand here in Indonesia that is sold in glass bottles and it’s a super huge difference! Coffee from glass tastes just so much better. 😋 (I am still looking for the brand, if I find it, I’ll let you know)

  2. Happy New Year! I love this post because I have never had bottled coffee nor heard of any of these brands because I just live on another side of the world, yet it was so interesting to read your review of them 😁

  3. Tried the Acafela coffee once – nakita ko sa Korean store here. I agree na it’s a dessert kind of drink sa tamis at flavor. I like it though but not exactly something I’d like to have often.

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