301 – On One-Plate Wonders: Triptych 57

I would usually order an extra cup of rice whenever I dine out as one is never enough. However, I have recently dropped the habit due to concerns about my weight. Metabolic disorders run in both sides of my family and I wouldn’t want to experience them down the line.

I found that eating more protein is the key to getting satiated without the need for more carbohydrates. See, rice is a staple of the Filipino diet and any meal is never complete without a serving of it. Thankfully, I discovered three dishes that filled me up with just one plate – which are the focus of this triptych.

The Surf & Turf Plate is part of local rib joint Racks‘ Blue Plate Specials, available on weekdays. It consists of a quarter roasted chicken, a chunk of breaded fish fillet, a side of corn and carrots, and white rice. The amount of rice more than sufficed for me thanks to the corn and carrots. I managed to finish my rice with the fish fillet alone, so I ate the chicken as is.

As its name states, Mister Donut is known for its donuts in various forms. However, I did not expect the place to serve good breakfast fare! My Dad and I had this Wagyu Tapa Rice Meal for lunch one time. While the meat jerky was delicious, I did not see the need to order another cup of rice. Even my Dad was surprised with me being full with just one plate.

While the Pork Barbecue and Grilled Bangus Meal from Reyes Barbecue was rather tempting, one cup of the signature Java rice was enough. The peanut sauce similar to Indonesian kicap manis paired very well with both the barbecue and grilled boneless milkfish. I finished the rice in tandem with the barbecue and ate the milkfish on its own. Definitely worth the price!

That’s it for this triptych. Let me share another track from The Style Council’s “Home & Abroad” live album to wrap up.

So until the next review, bon appetit and happy holidays!


16 thoughts on “301 – On One-Plate Wonders: Triptych 57

  1. Sigh, carb is the bane of us all! And I do love them so! I know I should eat more protein (particularly as a vegetarian) but rice, pasta, bread are all more entertaining!

    • And especially for us Southeast Asians, carbohydrates — especially rice — serve as the backbone of our diets!

      It doesn’t help that the cuisine over at the Little Red Dot is heavy on carbs — from char kway teow, nasi lemak, to the roti canai best with curries! 😅

      • Though, to brighten up things for you — cauliflower works as a good substitute for rice! I’ve tried it before and it does work, and it’s even better with broccoli.

        Problem is, the vegetable is rather expensive here in the Philippines. Might not be the case for Singapore though.

      • Loving Husband will often have cauliflower rice with his curries, etc in place of rice – but I prefer fresh salad leaves, if I have to do without my rice.

        Cauliflower can be affordable on sale – but generally it is costly here too.

      • Thanks for remembering my Veggie Box. Yes – sometimes we are delighted to find a cauliflower (we more regularly get broccoli but those don’t blend well into “rice”). Half goes to Loving Husband’s rice stash, and the other half for me to play with!

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