300 – On Breakfasts And A Cuppa: Triptych 56

Here I am once again checking out my Instagram archives for any potential posts, following a sudden burst of inspiration. Lo and behold, the rummaging led me to a chock of possible content to write about. Let me share one of them as the first full year of the COVID-19 pandemic comes to a close.

Now that I work from home, having breakfast on my way to the office is among the things I have missed. Back when the fear of contracting COVID-19 never crossed people’s minds, I usually had my first meal of the day away from home. I leave the house as early as 5:00 in the morning, arriving at the main transport hub by 6:00 am. One more jeepney and I arrive at the office between 6:30 am and 7:00 am on a good day.

I was moved to a later shift – with my work starting at 9:00 am until 6:00 pm – during the latter part of 2019. It served as a blessing in disguise, affording me an opportunity to explore more breakfast spots. This continued on until I resigned from my previous job in March 2020, days before Manila was put under quarantine. The COVID-19 pandemic had officially begun.

Enough of that, and let me proceed with today’s triptych.

Tim Hortons was definitely the breakfast spot to visit when the salary arrived. I usually ordered the Grilled Cheese Sandwich Combo Meal with extra turkey ham as a way to splurge. This often came with a hash brown that served to offset the sandwich. An Iced French Vanilla beverage with two extra shots of espresso washed everything down.

Book & Borders Café gained fame for its large, cozy spaces and extensive selection of reading materials. These made the establishment popular among bookworms and remote workers. I managed to try out the café days before the first pandemic lockdown – ordering the Adobo Flakes with Garlic Rice and Egg breakfast meal here that came with a free coffee. I never regretted that order.

I decided to stop by a Burger King location one Monday when public transportation was hard to come by due to the morning rush. I kept my order simple: A cup of the BK Joe Coffee alongside a 6-Piece Chicken Nuggets Meal, with barbecue dip on the side. I had a cheese sandwich with me that time, so I ate it alongside my order. I finished the sandwich alongside three nuggets, and ate the remaining three as they were.

Before I end, here’s another track from The Style Council’s “Home & Abroad” live album.

How about you? What pre-pandemic breakfast restaurants do you miss?

That’s it for this triptych. Until the next post, bon appetit and stay safe!


17 thoughts on “300 – On Breakfasts And A Cuppa: Triptych 56

  1. Holy smokes, this food looks good!!! First of all, I am in awe that you have a Tim Hortons. That’s one thing we do not have in the U.S. (at least not in my part of the U.S.!) From what I have seen, the coffee looks amazing (and the food!) These are some seriously amazing breakfast items. I have been craving IHOP food lately so I plan to order some food from there soon!

    • Thank you! 🙂 If I may ask, are you based in the West Coast? That might explain the lack of Tim Hortons in that side of the US, as most of its branches are located at the East Coast, unfortunately. 😦

      Now that you mentioned it – the Philippines used to have IHOP years ago too! It was one of two joints that allowed diners to make their own pancakes. Unfortunately, the Philippine locations closed down years ago. (I liked IHOP’s unlimited coffee option, though!)

      That reminds me likewise of Slappy Cakes! It had branches at Singapore and the Philippines too, but both closed down. Most of its promotional materials feature a 1950s pinup model! 😀

      • Yes!!! I’m on the West Coast in California, so that explains it!

        Ah, that’s too bad that IHOP closed down in the Philippines – yes, they offer very good food and coffee! I’ve never heard of Slappy Cakes but I love the name and the pinup model concept! I find it super fascinating to hear about restaurant chains in other countries.

        I do wish the West Coast had a Tim Hortons just so I could try it, but thankfully we have a zillion Starbucks’ so I’m happy for that! 😜 Enjoy Tim Hortons for me!

  2. There were so many wonderful options in Seattle to order a meal and spend a good part of the day reading and writing, many of them local coffee shops. That remains a thing of the past although there are pockets of resistance with some people brave enough to hang out at available spots, whether coffee shop or tavern. Some options just don’t exist since businesses have completely shut down.

    • Rather sad to hear of that. With the supply chain issues hitting the US as of late and pandemic restrictions in some states, I’m not surprised that coffee shops there would fold up.

      Still, I hope things turn out better over there.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • It was ok. I had egg sandwich, cappuccino, and hash brown. The hash brown was AMAZING! Highly recommended. The egg sandwich was dry, and the coffee was, well…let’s just say I’m a Starbucks person 😅😁

      • Seconding you on the hash brown! I always made sure to get extra whenever I ordered savory items. 🥔

        Tim Hortons’ coffee is rather hit-or-miss, I must say. I find its coffee here in the Philippines as a better alternative than Starbucks, but I still opt for the latter when it comes to cold brew.

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