299 – On Closed Chomps and Chicken Chops: Triptych 55

I never expected to find a treasure trove of content after I permanently took down the blog’s Facebook page, as I outlined in this earlier post. I downloaded a copy of the Facebook page data before permanently deleting the page, which yielded the pictures for today’s post.

Interestingly, all three pictures shared the same qualities. They were chicken dishes I ate during earlier trips to various restaurants. The restaurants I took those pictures in were long defunct. Furthermore, I managed to finish those meals with at least two servings of rice.

So to kick off the month of December, I’ll share these three pictures straight out of the Facebook page.

This 2-Piece Jack Daniel’s Chicken Chop Meal from Chop Stop had been a favorite of mine back when it was still open in both Eastwood City and Fairview Terraces. Each order came with two pieces of chicken chops, corn and beans cooked in bacon, and a cup of rice. Obviously, one serving of rice wasn’t enough.

Meanwhile, this Southern Fried Chicken from the now-closed Chubby’s Rib Shack at Fairview Terraces was definitely a runaway favorite. It consisted of crispy fried chicken thigh fillet smothered with country gravy, with seasoned corn and honky-tonk rice. I did not order additional rice with this one as the rice, beans, and corn more than sufficed.

Last but not the least, this Original Fried Chicken with White and Herbed Brown Rice from the former Eastwood City branch of Senor Pollo made for a loaded breakfast. Senor Pollo’s trademark chicken paired well with both kinds of rice. The gravy that came with the chicken rounded everything altogether.

That’s it for this triptych. Let me share this track from The Style Council’s “Home & Abroad” live album as a parting gift before I end this entry.

Until the next post, bon appetit and stay safe!


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