296 – THIS OR THAT 6: Milo Breakfast Cereal Bar or Growers Nutribar Cereal Bar

Welcome to the sixth iteration of the This or That series here at The Monching’s Guide!

I last reviewed snack bars for this series back in November 2020. Incidentally, it took me some time to write subsequent posts like this, given my busy work schedule and existing quarantine restrictions here in Manila. 

Fortunately, these grain bars were both available at the grocery store near where I live. However, I’ve been familiar with both since these are also available at convenience stores. I usually purchased either bar when I needed a quick snack.

Without further ado, let me get down to business by reviewing both grain bars.

Milo Breakfast Cereal Bar:
The taste that kids grew up with

The 23.5-gram Milo Breakfast Cereal Bar boasts of having protein and using whole grain as a main ingredient. It consists of small Milo cereal balls compacted into bar form. The cereal sizes are way smaller than the typical Milo breakfast cereal.

Unfortunately, the bar appears to be loosely packed making it prone to breaking even before it is opened. I also noticed a white layer of frosting on the back of the bar, maybe a milk layer or something?  Nevertheless, the crunchy Milo cereal balls pair well with the taste of the rich chocolate powder generations of children have grown up with.

Growers Nutribar Cereal Bar:
A home-grown heavy

The 30-gram Growers Nutribar Cereal Bar touts itself as having 0 grams of trans fat and 3 grams of fiber in every serving. It is made up of whole oatmeal, rice puffs and chocolate chips densely packed into a bar. The dense components contribute to a chewy bar that retains its shape.

The whole grain components have a chocolate glaze and paired with the chocolate chips, makes for an intensely chocolate-flavored bar. While the whole grains come with their own chocolate flavor, the chocolate chips also have their own taste cutting through it. This makes for a bar that has contrasting chocolate tastes, but isn’t cloying.

So will it be this Milo Breakfast Cereal Bar or that Growers Nutribar Cereal Bar?

And my vote goes to the Growers Nutribar Cereal Bar! While I appreciate the Milo Breakfast Cereal Bar for its nostalgic taste, its rather delicate composition always carries the risk of the bar being split in the middle even before you open it. Not so with the Growers bar with its dense composition.

How about you? Are there any particular whole grain bars that tickle your fancy?

Well, that’s it for me. Until the next post, bon appetit and stay safe!


15 thoughts on “296 – THIS OR THAT 6: Milo Breakfast Cereal Bar or Growers Nutribar Cereal Bar

      • Milo isn’t very popular in Canada. Walmart carries it though. Ovaltine is gross btw. My mom used to buy that stuff… it sat in our cupboard for years until one day I finally convinced her to toss it. 😖

      • Damn, no wonder Ovaltine didn’t get a huge market share here in the Philippines. Milo has had an edge here in Southeast Asia — mainly due to its use of sports-related advertisements.

      • Milo is very common in Singapore. They had the best cold Milo and it was readily available. Even MCDs sold it. Theirs was my favorite. I haven’t been to Singapore since summer 2018 and would love to go back one day! 🙂

      • We haven’t travelled since the pandemic started. I’m so over COVID-19. At one point, I did contact tracing but eventually I called it quits. I’m surprised it’s dragged on as long as it has and people are tired of it. Hopefully you get to return sooner than later! 😷✈️

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