291 – On Quarantine Cooking: Triptych 54

Many of us have turned to cooking as a sort of coping mechanism more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Given the movement restrictions, and the Philippines still under the modified enhanced community quarantine – it was inevitable that most would turn to their kitchens. I myself had to turn to my kitchen as fear of both COVID-19 and limited movement orders prevented me from venturing beyond my home.

It was only recently that I checked my mobile phone’s albums and found that I documented some dishes I previously whipped up. Seeing that I haven’t posted in a while, I drafted this triptych to showcase those. You see, I haven’t had time to work on in-depth stuff as my work commitments became heavier. But hopefully, it does lighten up so I can work on more entries. Without further ado, let’s begin.

I whipped up this Kung Pao Chicken for dinner during last year’s Boxing Day. The ingredients for this one were leftover chicken, shiitake mushrooms, and cashew nuts that Mom used for her Kung Pao Pasta – our Christmas Eve dinner. Methinks I may have overcooked this, seeing how overly browned the end result looked like. The family nevertheless enjoyed it, which was good for me.

This Garlic Butter Shrimp was a recent creation, thanks to fresh shrimps that we still had in the fridge. After washing and deveining the shrimps, I then sautéed some chopped garlic in oil over a low flame. The butter came in next, followed by the shrimp — still over a low flame as seafood is either cooked “slow and low” or “fast and high”. This dish was definitely a crowd-pleaser!

Lastly, a surplus of uneaten apples led me to turn them into Apples in Sugar and Cinnamon.  We originally planned to use this as a pie filling, but we were too lazy to prepare the crust so we consumed it as is. This dessert was relatively simple: Peeled and sliced apples were tossed into a pan with brown sugar and cinnamon. A knob of butter, plus some coconut sugar for color, rounded out this one.

That ends this entry. With the spread of the B16172 Delta variant here in the Philippines and caseloads hitting 20,000 on a daily basis, I guess we’re not out of the water yet.

Until the next post, bon appetit and stay safe!

30 thoughts on “291 – On Quarantine Cooking: Triptych 54

  1. Your cookery dishes look delicious! I particularly enjoy making such foods as lo mein, kung pao chicken, and even general tsor’s chicken. Your chicken looks saucy and fine!

    We have got apple trees, so I will be trying out your apples in cinnamon in sugar. 🙂

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    • Woah, thank you for the kind words Jaya! 😁 Now that you mention those dishes, Panda Express comes to mind! It opened here in the Philippines, but I’ve been unable to visit it — hopefully, soon.

      Oh, now that you mentioned apples – I forgot to share this tip from my aunt: A sprinkling of ground nutmeg brings those apples to life! 🍎

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  2. Your Kung Pao Chicken looks delicious. I love anything with chicken, mushrooms and cashews 🙂
    We also cooked often, especially with everyone working or studying from home. Shared more meals together too, so that was bonus 🙂

    My daughter prepared your last apple and cinnamon dish – we added vanilla ice cream to it 🙂 Gone!

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  3. I can relate. I didn’t know how to cook last year, but due to the extended lockdowns I’ve tried not only Filipino dishes but other Asian dishes as well. Btw, I also do that with green apples. I eat them with vanilla ice cream!

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    • Thank you! 🙂 Well, I usually lean towards Filipino and Southeast Asian cooking — given their geographic proximity. A bit of Chinese cooking, too.

      I’ve seen a lot of Cajun/Creole recipes, but unfortunately – I haven’t delved into that cooking style. Some ingredients for those are sometimes hard to come by here in the Philippines.

      On a side note, now that you mentioned Creole cuisine – that jambalaya I tried years ago definitely comes to mind!


    • Welcome! Thank you likewise for following The Monching’s Guide! 😁

      Well, it’s meant to be that way – if you ask me. 😅 These are dishes you’d most likely whip up on the fly, whilst you’re on break from a WFH shift.


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