289 – On Lifting Away Earthly Pain: A Eulogy

We have heard stories of many a woman who triumphed in the face of adversity. Hidilyn Diaz was one of them, giving us the first Olympic gold medal in almost a century. On August 15, another name  was added to that list – our dearly beloved Mama.

Mama wore many hats in her more than six decades of living in this world. She was a loving wife and mother, a caring daughter and sister, a loyal friend, a dedicated worker, and a faithful believer. I know you would agree with me on how I described her, seeing the outpouring of sentiments and condolences upon the news of her passing.

Her loss has created a void in our hearts. We lost someone near and dear to us.

But let us look at the silver lining of things.

Mama left us during the feast of the Assumption, when Mother Mary went up to heaven. The Blessed Mother served as her source of comfort during the times when she experienced chronic pain. And at the end of it all, the mother of our Savior raised Mama with her – to a place where there is no more pain and no more suffering.

Just like how Hidilyn lifted that barbell to give the Philippines its Olympic gold, so did Mother Mary lift up Mama’s pain to achieve victory. Mother Mary also lifted our anxieties and uncertainties surrounding Mama – assuring us that she is in a better place now.

Her passing, then, is not just simply a sad occasion. Rather, it is a celebration of victory. The victory of heavenly compassion over earthly pain. The triumph of heavenly healing over suffering. The triumph of faith over the reality of death.

But while Mother Mary lifted Mama from her chronic pain, it does not end there. She left an incredible legacy through empowering people to lift others and achieve victory. Thus, I call on everyone to “lift” each other in simple ways – through being good partners, friends, children to your parents, colleague, and persons all in all.

“Love each other,” those were her last words the night before she left us. She would be very happy looking down on us all – knowing that we have inspired each other, and all of you, to strive for the gold in this life and the next.

You, too, have uplifted us with your messages of comfort and sympathy. We no longer feel anxious, knowing that we will carry on our journey through life with people who lift us up.

Thank you.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I delivered this rather short eulogy on August 18, the last night of my mother’s wake, during a virtual necrological service held in her honor.  She was then laid in her final resting place the next day. 

I haven’t had the time to stop by and make new posts for a while now due to the more stringent enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) over the Philippine capital. Then, an unfortunate incident occurred.

My mother left this Earth for a better place during the early hours of August 15, 2021. Months before her death, she had been in constant pain due to cancer. While she managed to finish chemotherapy and radiation treatments for breast cancer in 2018, little did we know that it had spread to other organs – with her liver being the most affected.

The night before her death, she told me and my younger brother that she would not make it until morning and said goodbye to us. Her words indeed rang true as we discovered her the next morning on the floor, without the warmth of life. She was laying flat on her back, with a bag serving as a pillow. She looked for a flat surface to lie on as it was the least painful position for her to sleep.

Under ECQ rules, wakes were only limited to a maximum of two days and with strict social distancing guidelines to avoid super-spreader events. Even prolonged burial rites were under strict rules to prevent people from congregating for too long.

In spite of these, we were able to bury her on August 19 on a sunny day – just like how she wanted it.

Farewell, Mama.

51 thoughts on “289 – On Lifting Away Earthly Pain: A Eulogy

  1. My deepest condolences, Monch. It’s sad to experience the passing of a loved one, but knowing that there will be a moment in time when we meet our dearly beloved again, gives us a strong force to continue with our earthly lives. Like what your loving mom said, “love one another,” we ought to continue the goodness of our departed ones. You are blessed with a good mom. Continue her legacy.

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    • Thank you, Lester. Very much appreciate the sentiment.

      Indeed, there’s no better chance to show this by helping others during this pandemic. Even though she herself suffered, that didn’t stop her from lifting up people.

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  2. i admired the bravery and strength for writing a very meaningful eulogy, i wished i had that same perspective when my father passed away. i was upset for the longest time becos of the thought that he lost his battles when he suddenly died. when he lost the chance of enjoying his long awaited retirement. 

    for your mama, may she rest in paradise, she is home now. and i wish you and your family healing and peace.

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    • Salamat! I really appreciate the kind words. 🙂 Just like what the Carole King song I added in said, “Now my tapestry’s unraveling, he’s come to take me back.”

      The Lord may have called her home, but what a beautiful tapestry she left!

      I know my words wouldn’t mean much now, but I truly believe your father is up there with Mama — enjoying their time with God. He’s looking down on you, very happy likewise that you turned out to be a good person. 🙂


  3. My condolences… your post is truly heartfelt. I admire your view about her passing… Truly, a celebration of her life on earth, her legacy and her victory! May the Lord continue to comfort you and the rest of your family at this difficult time…

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  4. so sorry to hear of your loss, monch. be comforted in the thought that she has left behind countless beautiful memories, and that she has been sucha positive influence to you, your family and the countless other people who have been touched by her goodness. as you say, it is a good time to celebrate a life well lived.

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  5. My words may not console you as much as yours have comforted us and those who have gone through a similar loss. Your Mom was blessed to have you, your brother and Dad, who gave her the strength to endure each pain, and the happy memories she took with her above. I pray that you will rise above this grief and sorrow and celebrate her life with joy, tempered with sweet sadness. I do have my seasonal bouts of missing my dear departed Dad and allow myself a good refreshing cry every once in a while through the years. Sending you a virtual hug.

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  6. My heart breaks. It is beautiful eulogy for your Mama. She would have been so pleased and proud. She will be very much missed by you all – thank you for sharing her life and the inspiration she has been to those around her. Peace be with you all.

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    • Thank you, and very much appreciate the sentiment.

      Oh my…I’m sorry to hear of your brother’s sudden passing – and at a rather young age. I likewise extend my condolences to you. 🙏 Left you a message at your blog. 🤗


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