287 – On Quick Breaks: Triptych 52

More than a year after the pandemic struck, I’ve learned to value my errand runs. Those rare chances of venturing beyond my house could only be done once in a while. I managed to make the most out of these trips by writing down all the things I need to purchase. Once I finished buying the priority items, I then proceeded to the items with a lower importance.

These errand runs hit two birds with one stone. They provided me with a break from my usual work-from-home routine and allowed me to do “research” and “content creation.” I put utmost importance on the latter tasks, given that this blog talks about food most of the time.

During some recent errand runs, I managed to stop by a few establishments to have a quick snack and organize my itinerary. I usually ordered a slice of cake, or a donut or two if the situation permitted it. Of course, it always came with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Now, permit me to share these quick snacks that served as a short break from my errand runs.

J.Co Donuts has made a niche for itself with its delectable donut picks — without the cloying sweetness. I ordered their Cheese Cakelicious Donut (basically Oreo cheesecake) alongside an Iced Latte. Interestingly, it came with a free Glazzy Donut (J.Co’s take on the Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donut.) Both had the right amount of sweetness — that I no longer had to add sugar to my coffee.

Japanese-themed dessert bar FRNK Milk Bar was the brainchild of the company behind BLK 513. I paid one of its branches a visit and ordered their Flourless Chizu Cake, alongside the Kokoa Magma drink. The cheesecake was mildly sweet and the chocolate drink paired well with it. However, I found that the presence of ice in the drink made its solid crumble topping difficult to consume.

I’ve written about La Creperie years ago – and good thing it opened a new, more accessible branch! I visited the said branch for a quick bite, ordering a slice of their Salted Caramel Mille Crepe Cake and San Gines hot chocolate. This was a literal “heaven and earth” combination with the white-colored layered crepe cake lifting your spirits. Meanwhile, the deep San Gines hot chocolate brought you back to Earth with its bittersweet combination tempering the crepe.

How about you? What kinds of snacks do you try out while running errands away from home?

Until the next post, bon appetit and stay safe!


24 thoughts on “287 – On Quick Breaks: Triptych 52

  1. I eat almost anything at the mall. Since it’s just nearby, I can’t count the times that I was sent for an errand. During those times, I either go directly home or eat first before I do the errand. What I most of the time eat are the easy-to-eat ones like Noodle House and Takoyaki.

  2. Those look yummy! Good thing you’re still able to “enjoy” delicious snacks as you’re running errands. My go-to snacks are cinnamon rolls or cheesecake! 🤤

  3. I would love to have all 3 of your snacks! Although I have a particular soft spot for doughnuts, I am fascinated by the Chizu cake. Even more so by the magma drink – it had a solid crumble topping?

    • Yes! It’s a solid topping made from dark chocolate. It does help balance out the sweetness of the cocoa drink. On a side note, SG has a J.Co if I remember correctly! 😀

    • True that! 🙂 Just a question though – is the SG counterpart consistent with the PH franchise, or may mas maayos?

      And yeah, now that you mentioned it — those yakitori sticks remind me of lok lok! 😀

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