286 – On A 2021 Second Quarter Update

The first six months of 2021 flew by just like that. Given that, I’m back here again to share what has transpired on my end. Without further ado, here’s what I have been up to for the second quarter of the year.

I have not been able to venture far beyond my house since my last update in April. It was only in May and June that I managed to get out again as Manila remained under the general community quarantine (GCQ) with “higher restrictions.” I managed to purchase a number of items for work and personal use in May and ran some personal errands in June during the US Memorial Day long weekend. My current job follows the US work schedule, which left me with Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday for rest.

Going gaga over Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil Village, the eighth mainstream title in the eponymous game franchise, hit the shelves in early May. CAPCOM hyped the game even before its release date by prominently featuring the (literally) statuesque Lady Alcina Dimitrescru (pronounced the-meet-resk) in promotional media. Because of this, the dignified fictional character standing 9’6″ gained the moniker “Tall Vampire Lady” and became a subject of different memes on the internet.

Lady Dimitrescu’s breakout popularity also skyrocketed that of the people who brought her to life. American theater and voice actress Maggie Robertson lent her voice to Alcina, while Polish actress Helena Mankowska served as the face model for the character.

Well, I would have to admit that I was among those who admired the towering mistress of Castle Dimitrescu. But aside from Alcina herself, longtime Resident Evil protagonist Chris Redfield likewise caught my attention. But it’s not the man himself that captured my interest; rather, it was his winter coat. The anti-bioterrorism operative played a major role in the game, and his jacket added an extra air of seriousness to it.

I first saw the jacket being sold on a limited pre-order basis for Japanese customers. Aside from the standard outerwear sizes, it also had a special size that matched with Chris’s in-game body measurements. Sadly, pre-orders for the jacket have been closed. But despite the lack of buttons, it nevertheless looked good.

Recent hauls for all

I purchased two shorts from local apparel brand Bench in May. The brown pair served as regular house wear, whilst I reserved the other one with a beach print for exercise purposes. I also bought three pairs of athletic socks to replace the years-old socks I previously had. Following many months of lacking the motivation to do so, I resumed my morning exercise habit. These purchases helped out in getting me back to the habit, which paid off in more ways than one!

The previous earphones I bought from Miniso lasted more than a year before finally expiring, which called for an immediate purchase. I bought the exact same unit from Miniso and a 2-in-1 ballpen and touchscreen stylus from rival establishment Daiso. However, the new earphones had some issues of their own – leading me to look for a more reliable pair.

Fortunately, Digital Walker carried a more decent pair – and on a discount to boot! This one looked like it was designed for sports, which I liked. I subsequently relegated the earlier earphone I bought from Miniso as a reserve unit. Lastly, I bought another pair of shorts in forest green from Surplus Shop to use as housewear.

Haircuts, jabs, and trips

My hair had grown rather long, akin to a Beatles mop-top, since my last haircut in December 2020. The post-holiday rise of COVID-19 cases prevented me from visiting a barber when 2021 arrived. It was only in early June that I managed to have my hair cut, but the earlier barber did not do quite an exceptional cut this time. Thus, I visited a different barber to rectify the mistake – and it turned out quite nicely!

And yes, I am still unvaccinated against COVID-19. I plan on doing so through my current workplace; it apparently secured doses of the Moderna vaccine, something previously deemed impossible. But given the rate of vaccinations, it would take some time before I get the two shots of protection.

I am aware of COVID-19’s dangers, having seen most Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers succumb to the disease – yet I still leave my house. I take public health protocols such as mask mandates, contract tracing, social distancing and temperature checks very seriously. I make sure to dine away from air conditioners and ventilation systems, if outdoor dining is impossible altogether.

Do note, however, that these are my personal ways of keeping myself safe amid this pandemic with seemingly no end in sight. I’ve lived most of my life holding back because of my parents’ irrational fears about me being unable to survive in the real world. Life is short, and living in fear is not the best way to spend the already short life you have.

With this, I’ll close my second quarter update. Until the next post, stay safe!



9 thoughts on “286 – On A 2021 Second Quarter Update

  1. “Life is short, living in fear is not the best way to spend it” true enough. I always think it’s the life in the years, not how many years we live. Scary times now, but I hope you find pockets of learning and growth. Be safe, Monch!

    • Indeed! As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, the pandemic definitely brought out the best and the worst in people. But I’m still optimistic. 🙂 You too, George! Be safe over there at the Little Red Dot!

  2. Wow! Your face looks brighter with your new haircut! Nice!!

    Kahit ako hindi pa vaccinated, ang tagal din sa office. It’s really office vs qc govnt, paunahan nalang kung sino yung mauunang maging available. Pero sana before end of this year vaccinated na ako. 😭

    • Thank you! 😀 Matipid na pati sa shampoo hahaha!

      At least you guys over at QC have better stocks! I have a friend who got the Pfizer vaccine for him and his mother, while another acquaintance got Sputnik V.

      Sadly, it’s all Sinovac here in Caloocan. 😦 Just like you, I’m hoping the jabs procured by the private sector arrive soon!

  3. Your parents’ fears are not unwarranted. My ‘kids’ are all above 20 and yet, we still do fear for them, the same way my late dad feared for me when I was still enjoying the single life. My mum more so than my dad. I guess, despite time, our boys will remain our boys. You may have families of your own but you are still our boy. You may rebel against the thought now but I guess you will understand this when your time comes.

    Life is definitely short. So, aim for the stars, enjoy what life has to offer you and enjoy the presence of your parents whilst they are still around. Cos there will never be time enough for all of that later.

    Take care Monch.

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