285 – On Singapore From My Mom’s Eyes, Circa 2011

Let me share a story about this photo set.

My mother has worked at the Philippine Department of Agriculture for some years now. Her job at the department involved collaboration with other ministries of agriculture in Southeast Asia, as part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Back in 2011, she had the chance to attend the 18th ASEAN Summit held that time in Jakarta. She and her colleagues went on a short overnight trip to Singapore when the summit concluded.

Based on the pictures my mother took – she and her colleagues paid a visit to Orchard Road and Sentosa, heading to Woodlands where their lodging was located. They flew back to the Philippines at first light the next day.

I only had a chance to look at the set recently, despite the pictures being there for a decade now. My mother cut her hair short now, far from the long locks she had when she took these pictures. Interestingly, I also visited the places she went to in 2011 – during my 2017 trip with a former partner and my subsequent 2019 trip with my younger brother. Some of the places no longer existed since that initial visit.

I’ll end here and proceed with the pictures themselves.

And that ends this entry. Click on this link if you wish to read more of my posts about Singapore.

Until the next post, stay safe!


12 thoughts on “285 – On Singapore From My Mom’s Eyes, Circa 2011

  1. Oh your Mama is a beauty… how time changes us and us changing the times…!
    Singapore is on our list, can´t wait to have a short trip there once we go on vacation to Ph next year.
    I have many friends living there and already settled, and I know it´s such a great city, do you love it there?

  2. What a nice trip to memory lane! I remember watching a show when I was young, I believe it was Sineskwela, where Singapore was featured. I told myself I would visit it someday because I was so amazed by the Lion statue. 😊

    • Thank you! 😁 Interestingly, this reminded me — I wasn’t much of a fan of Singapore back then.

      Growing up as a 90s kid, the only thing that came into my mind when Singapore was mentioned was Flor Contemplacion. It didn’t help that when I became older, I had an incident with a Singaporean cosplayer based in Manila.

      It was only when I turned 27 that a former partner convinced me to fly to the Lion City. By then, a number of tourist spots — such as Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa — had already been built.

      My overall perception of Singapore changed the moment I stepped foot there four years ago. 🙂

      • I recognized quite a few … some still around, like the parent-child sculpture outside Paragon. And the container dock is much quieter these days, but still there. And that view of Changi Airport – a sight I haven’t seen in a while.

  3. I miss traveling and going to Singapore. Was supposed to move there later last year but we all know what happened to our plans since March 2020. Would definitely go when things get better, since I really loved how “chill” the vibe is compared to other SEA countries. 😊

      • I know they’re a smaller country with less population, pero their “test, treat, track, and vaccinate” actions really does the trick to keep the pandemic manageable. Can’t really help but say, SANA ALL. 😁

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