273 – On A Birthday Haul For Christmas

Not even a pandemic that has claimed millions of lives can stop people from celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. Today’s festivities remind us of HOPE, despite the sadness and fear that gripped the whole world since March 2020. There may be cold, dark winters – but the sun rises again with the promise of a new day.

To those who passed away, I offer my condolences and a silent prayer. To those still here with us and are safe, I offer a prayer of protection and thanksgiving. Besides, there are still a lot of things to be grateful about. Isn’t looking at the silver lining of every cloud a positive thing to consider?

Even I myself have a lot of things to be grateful for amid this time of pandemic – which includes the chance to celebrate my 30th birthday. I hit the big 3-0 in early November, but I celebrated a few days after the actual date. We opted not to cook too much – instead ordering Sunday lunch well in advance and driving to the nearest mall to pick these up. Blueberry cheesecake, sushi bake, pork barbecue, curry shrimps…not a bad way to celebrate turning 30 in these troubling times.

Now that I’ve mentioned my birthday, permit me to share some things that made my 30th more memorable.

Two pairs of shoes I’ve used for some time now finally broke down, which prompted me to discard them. Following my 2-for-1 strategy (where I discard two items before buying a new one), this became the perfect opportunity to purchase a new pair of athletic trainers. I salvaged the laces and insoles from these pairs for future use.

I managed to buy this pair of trainers at sports store Decathlon for P800! What I liked about Decathlon is that it carries pairs up to US size 13 (EU size 47): I have giant feet, and looking for shoes that fit is definitely a chore. The price motivated me to purchase it at the soonest, although the pair is designed for runs lasting from 45 minutes to an hour.

I also bought myself a raglan crew neck half-sleeve shirt from Uniqlo. The XL size ended up being too large for me; given that the clothing store temporarily suspended returns and exchanges for items, I sent it for alterations. I didn’t have a problem with the color, but the sleeves were too long and the body section was too wide. The alterations made the shirt fit better now!

Finally, I bought a complete set of beddings – four pillow cases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet I use as a blanket. I got this aesthetically pleasing and easy to wash set for a discounted price in the middle of November. They hold out pretty well, too!

A lot of us won’t be experiencing the Christmas of yesteryears this 2020, but we shouldn’t let the hopelessness put a damper on our enthusiasm this season.

And with that, I wish everyone happy holidays! Until the next post, stay safe!

16 thoughts on “273 – On A Birthday Haul For Christmas

  1. “Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” ~ Calvin Coolidge

    May you have a wonderful and beautiful Christmas with your loved ones.

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    • On second thought, I take back what I previously said.

      Better if self-centered white stacies like you opted not to follow my blog. I initially lowered my guard, but in the end – you’re just fishing for followers here just like any other blogger going here under the guise of being “interested in my content.” I don’t roll with one-sided interactions, most especially with the likes of you.

      Now I understand why WordPress’ spam filter flagged your initial comment – that’s the same spiel I saw on other blogs. Is this the kind of BS marketing gurus teach nowadays?

      I may not exactly be a chad, but at least I still have a degree of self-respect not to simp for people who would barely interact with me when they get what they want.

      Go assert your white superiority somewhere else.


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    • Aww, fret not! There’s this adage that says “life begins at 40”, and it definitely does! You start off the fourth decade of your life with lessons you picked up from the previous 30 years you’ve been around.

      Here’s one to jolly you up: I checked out your blog and based on the picture of you I saw, you don’t look a day older than 30. 😉 Besides, you’re just ahead of me by 10 years!

      Belated Happy Birthday, by the way!

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      • Thank you so much! You’re so kind…even those pictures are older (I guess you mean that picture on page “about”, there I’m about 34-35) but I’m still happy how I look! That I’m not worried about. I’m worried about getting older and weaker. Maybe it’s partly because I’ve been taken care of older and sick people (as a job and also I took care of my parents). I’ve seen closely people getting weaker. It’s hard to watch and grows the fear of getting old!

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      • Really!? You were around 34 or 35 in that picture? I guess it’s really the flexibility that made you look younger haha!

        Well, as they say — worrying about life is a futile endeavor as nothing is set in stone. We’ll have a one-on-one interview with the Grim Reaper sooner or later, so you need not worry about it. But for now – just do what you need to do, live your life, and take care of your health. 🙂


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