272 – On Post-Lockdown Lunches: Triptych 47

Now that Metro Manila is on a second general community quarantine from mid-August until the end of the year as per the president’s Nov. 30 announcement, I have had the chance to return to places I formerly tried out before the pandemic struck. I frequently feature some of these spots here at The Monching’s Guide and the blog’s Instagram account.

These restaurants have implemented safety measures in their establishments compliant to public health protocols, though their customer traffic has not returned to pre-pandemic levels. Most of them still rely on revenue from food delivery apps like Foodpanda, GrabFood, and Lalafood – as a good number of people still prefer the convenience these apps bring and the safety that comes from staying home.

Here are three lunches I had during my occasional trips outside, with safety protocols in place of course.

Superstar Teriyaki Chicken with Rice Meal, Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Chicken Cutlet with Vegetables Curry Rice, CoCo Ichibanya

All Star Tendon Bowl, Tenya Tempura Tendon

Until the next post – bon appetit, stay safe, and Season’s Greetings!

16 thoughts on “272 – On Post-Lockdown Lunches: Triptych 47

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    • Ah, this is where restaurant staff step in! I don’t know about you over there in Finland, but here in the Philippines, patrons can’t just simply enter restaurants.

      Before patrons can even sit and order, restaurant staff approach them to take their temperature and make them answer a health declaration and contact tracing (HDCT) form. Not exactly the most perfect method as the HDCT form relies mainly on people’s honesty, but at least it does curb possible infections.

      Once someone registers a temperature higher than 37 degrees Celsius, restaurant staff will instead encourage them to have their orders for takeaway instead of eating in. Legislation here has mandated that restaurants can turn away patrons for health-related reasons. (Waiting areas for takeaway orders are also segregated from the spaces for eat-in diners.)

      On a side note, you can check out this post I wrote in July of last year about protocols to look forward to when for those eating in. Do note that I’m writing this in the Philippine context though – things may be different from how you handle them over there. 🙂


      • However, there are also asymptomatic infectious agents and the infectious can also infect before he or she has symptoms…but that’s better system than we have here. We can just walk in where ever we like which is stupid. We don’t have controll. Everything is voluntary and mere recommendations. I hate that..

        Also I don’t understand how don’t we get just over five million people vaccinated faster, only a fraction vaccinated. Inject into anger!!

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      • Vaccination is commencing over there in Finland? Lucky you! Here in the Philippines, we’re still working out the tangles and ironing out the kinks with Pfizer!

        From what I’ve read, the Philippines will be getting doses of the Comirnaty vaccine (BNT162b2 outside Europe). I just hope the vaccination works out well here. (As for me, I’m waiting for the Janssen jab to arrive here in our shores — one shot and I’m done!)


      • Oh, you still haven’t got vaccines. Well, in Europe (EU-area) we ordered those together…but for example Israel have been vaccinated every citizen (or almost). I’m jealous to them…oh, and Denmark have soon vaccinated everybody too… They got vaccines same time with us so…I thought we got the same number of vaccines -although I know there have been production problems-…Well, let’s hope you will get the vaccines soon too!!

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      • Or actually Denmark has more citizens (stupid me, they need more vaccines, maybe they already got more than us)…but anyway we were promised to get enough for all Finnish but then came those production problems…still we have lot vaccines left and those should be given quickly! The process is not fast enough! On summer we will get more vaccines, propably atleast from Pfizer which would be great. That seem to be the best vaccine and that I want! My 76 year old mom got that already and she didn’t got any symptoms!!

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      • Ah, interesting! One of my aunts in the U.S., who works as a hospital nurse, also received the Pfizer jab — and she hasn’t experienced any adverse reactions yet. I hope she doesn’t experience anything negative, amid reports of the vaccine causing the death of other medical workers.


    • I see. On my end, masks have long been obligatory ever since the pandemic hit Southeast Asia. From what I’ve read, the Nordic countries aren’t that keen on face coverings – but still, it’s good to know that you yourself wear a face mask for protection!


      • Yes, nordic countries seem to lose their minds…I don’t understand what happened to us. This country used to be so safe! After all, it goes without saying that the mask fights infections (if you use the right kind of mask correctly)!

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      • Indeed! So far, N95 respirators are the best kind of mask against COVID-19. But these kinds of masks are usually reserved for medical workers as they provide the highest degree of protection.

        A good alternative for those outside the field of medicine such as me would be double-masking. Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s top infectious disease expert, is a proponent of this practice. It’s simply putting on a fabric face covering after you wear a standard surgical mask. According to him, it provides about 75 percent of protection!


      • I’ve heard that double masking…but I thought FFP2 masks and surgical masks gives over 90% protection anyway…and I have to say that we can quite easily buy here in Finland those FFP (N95) masks…for now atleast…but it seems people are buying those more or production decreased for citizens (the packet I used have been out of stock in my convenience store)…so maybe soon we don’t get those anymore…

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