265 – On Cool Treats: Triptych 45

I know it’s way too late to publish this one in time for summer as the so-called “Ber” months have already started, but better late than never, as the old adage would say. Besides, people nowadays enjoy cold treats like the ones in today’s triptych all year round. Not to mention I have to maximize any and all content I still have given the current situation.

Today’s triptych features three iced treats perfect for capping off a savory meal, cooling off on a hot day, and satisfying a craving.

Long queues punctuated Maxi Mango when it first opened, so I waited until the hype died down before ordering. Good thing a kiosk opened near my former office, so I spent my breaks ordering their Mango Keso. Essentially, Maxi Mango offered soft-serve based on its namesake fruit with crushed graham crackers and cream — a deconstruction of the mango graham float. This one comes with grated cheese that balances out the sweetness, but I usually have extra cheese added on.

Spanish frozen yogurt purveyor llaollao is very much known worldwide for the frozen treat. Most of their menu items feature healthier fruit and yogurt combos, but the Sanum allows room for indulgence. I chose two fruits and two “crunch” items for texture, topping it off with a sauce of choice — Nutella, in this case. The end result is a multi-flavor explosion, with the neutral yet slightly tart yogurt countering the sweetness of the crunch and sauce. Meanwhile, the fruits brighten the mix; I usually get the subtle-tasting ones such as dragonfruit and strawberry.

Local ice cream purveyor Manila Creamery whips up uniquely Filipino gelato flavors using locally sourced ingredients. The creamery even makes gelato from childhood chocolate favorites such as Choc-Nut, Kinder Bueno, and Maltesers! This one was from my last visit to one of their branches early this year, featuring the Tablea Lava Cake Gelato. Who wouldn’t want chocolate ice cream made from local cacao with chocolate lava cake mixed in? Now that’s definitely a treat!

And that wraps up this cool and sweet triptych. Until the next review, bon appetit and stay safe!

7 thoughts on “265 – On Cool Treats: Triptych 45

    • Hehe, nothing beats the good ol’ cendol over there!

      Thank you, encik! Very timely change, indeed; I’m of the belief that the simple act of mask-wearing goes a long way during this pandemic.

      Likewise, stay safe — especially now that it’s RMCO over there!


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