251 – On Gourmet Vivacity: Triptych 43

With more than three decades of history, Viva Communications is counted among the big names of the Philippine entertainment scene. It is well-known in the Philippines for its motion pictures (Viva Films), television shows (Sari-Sari, PBO: Pinoy Box Office), music labels (Neo Records, Vicor Music) and video rentals (Video City, now defunct). Viva also prides itself in its diverse pool of artists and talents,  including some popular names in show business.

However, the company has recently begun diversifying its interests by foraying into publishing (Viva PSICOM) and food (Viva International Food & Restaurant Inc.) through strategic partnerships. For the latter, Viva has partnered with different food franchises to bring new delicacies closer to the Filipino. Here are three such restaurants under the Viva wing.

Tiramisu Mille Crepe with Cafe Latte

Paper Moon Cafe from Tokyo, Japan was the first restaurant Viva brought to the Philippines in 2015. The company partnered with famed pastry chef Kazuko “Emy” Wada of the Lady M cake boutique to bring the original mille crepe cake to Filipino palates. Multiple layers of paper-thin crepe and rich cream filling are stacked together, then topped off with different flavors such as strawberry, blueberry, mango, chocolate, matcha, and more.

Pan de Bistecca Sandwich

Home-grown sandwich shop Pepi Cubano used to have only one branch in Makati, but it has now expanded its presence in different malls – thanks to its partnership with Viva. Toti and Rica Dalmacion (yes, the same Toti Dalmacion of independent music label Terno Recordings) are in charge of operations, Toti’s mother Susan fine-tuned the recipes, and the joint itself is named after Toti’s son. The eponymous Cubano sandwiches popularized by the 2014 movie Chef are the main attractions here – all finished on the sandwich press.

Pork Tonkatsu Cutlet with Egg Teishoku Set Meal

Japanese restaurant Botejyu was established after World War II in Osaka, but it only opened up in the Philippines around 2016. Its specialties include the traditional favorite okonomiyaki (Japanese-style savory pancake cooked on your table) and okosoba (a combination of okonomiyaki and stir-fried buckwheat noodles), aside from traditional Japanese fare such as shrimp tempura, katsudon, and more. Its first commercial featured P-Pop member Yumi Garcia wearing what appears to be Lolita attire and articulating the restaurant’s name in a cute (kawaii) manner.

Aside from the ones mentioned, American burgers and wings joint Wing Zone and Italian dessert bar Yogorino are part of Viva International Food & Restaurant Inc. Have you tried out these restaurants under the Viva Group?

Until the next post, always stay safe!

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