244 – On Taglines: Triptych 40

I currently work as a marketing writer outside of this blog. Thus, words and taglines are part and parcel of what I do everyday. The post titles in most of my entries here serve as proof of that specialty – which I have been doing since 2013.

This triptych came about during an instance when I wasn’t working on anything. The idea for the post itself and the taglines popped in my head while I was washing the dishes after dinner! Fortunately, I managed to retain the information up until I got down to my laptop and put the ideas into actual words. The pictures weren’t a problem, as I had already dined at the restaurants I featured here. It was only a matter of time until those pictures get processed into a full blog entry.

Well then, let’s proceed!

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery
An upscale haunt for the “alta” Titas of Manila.

If Cafe Mary Grace is known as a spot for middle-class titas, Wildflour Cafe + Bakery is popular among the upper-tier crowd. I usually frequent the Podium branch, having first visited it in 2015. Yes, most of the menu items tend to be on the upper side – be it pastries, meals, or drinks – but they are definitely worth it. On weekdays, this branch has a good number of expatriate customers who can afford their baked goodies. You won’t see the titas here during the work week; rather, they congregate on Saturdays and Sundays for leisurely brunches.

Ebi 10
Hipsterized Japanese fare — that’s surprisingly good!

Hailing from the gentrified strip of Poblacion in Makati, Ebi 10 opened a new branch at the ground floor of One Eastwood Avenue. At first, I thought it was one of the establishments solely opened in Libis to capitalize on the influx of Mainland Chinese. Trying out the place changed my opinion, however. Ebi 10 serves a wickedly Japanese bowl of tempura don, coupled with a few experimental versions of tempura using different ingredients. Plus points for the place’s ambiance that replicates an actual Japanese diner!

Wangfu Chinese Cafe
Singaporean cuisine with a pinch of Sir Chief!

Wangfu Chinese Cafe aims to set itself apart from other Chinese restaurants by serving Chinese Singaporean dishes that are easy on the budget. It gets much-needed publicity courtesy of actor Richard Yap, who is a co-owner. Yap is familiar to Philippine audiences as Richard “Sir Chief” Lim in the drama series Be Careful With My Heart on ABS-CBN. Here’s a tip: the meal sets give you the best value for money, as they come with unlimited rice, soup, and cabbage salad. Don’t forget to order the iced kopi, too!

And that’s all for now; until the next post!

11 thoughts on “244 – On Taglines: Triptych 40

  1. I miss Wangfu huhuhu. When I was craving for salted egg chicken I’d brave the heat and walk all the way to Serendra for that! I miss Wildflour too. I get my pastries there for breakfast at work. Those were the days….

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    • Indeed! No matter what Wangfu branch I visit (Vertis North, SM Fairview, Eastwood, UP Town Center) – that Salted Egg Chicken really nails it! Nakaka-2 rice nga ako whenever I order the set =)) (Although a friend swears by the General Tso’s Chicken.)

      Wildflour is definitely worth it, putting aside the pricey items! If there wasn’t a lockdown I would have tried a few of their savory pastries. 😦

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