242 – On The Lunch Specials: Cube 6

I tend to eat lunch on my own and at odd hours most of the time. This allows me to explore new food spots without worrying about what my other companions would say. Furthermore, eating lunch at odd hours lets me enjoy my meal without the typical lunch crowd. Most restaurants are at their busiest from 11:00 in the morning up until 1:00 in the afternoon, and it’s always a bad idea to visit during these peak hours.

These rather late lunches have allowed me to enjoy the meals below, without having to jostle with other diners and look for seats. From the budget-friendly options to the more expensive and experimental ones, these offerings never fail to satisfy. In addition, some of these lunch sets come with drinks – which lets me save money that I would have otherwise spent for beverages!

Let’s go!

1. Steak Fried Porkchop, Big D’s Smokehouse
2. Spicy Lechon Belly Meal, Lechon Haus
3. Special Pares, Sinangag Express

4. 2-Piece Southwestern BBQ Rubbed Chicken Fillet, Size Matters
5. Ilocano Bagnet Pares, Super Bagnet
6. House Crispy Sisig Silog, Manam Cafe

7. Chicken and Falafel Regular Platter, The Halal Guys
8. Sinigang Sa Manggang Hilaw, Salamangka
9. 4-Piece Crispy Mandu and Soup Meal, BonChon Chicken

Until the next post, bon appetit!

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