239 – On Sandwiches Seen Differently: Triptych 38

Strictly speaking, a sandwich refers to two slices of bread with either a sweet or savory filling in between.

The name is taken from John Montagu, the 14th Earl of Sandwich. A story goes that the earl, being an avid player at the gambling table, did not have time to take a break for meals. Instead, he would ask his servants to bring him a piece of salted beef between two slices of toast. Over time, his fellow players would ask for “the same as Sandwich” – the name sticking to the modern-day snack food.

Of course, this story happened in the 1700s. A lot of people have interpreted the sandwich in more ways than one. In fact, there are a lot of variations – as many as the countries in the world! Today’s triptych will focus on three takes on the sandwich I tried.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Let’s start with the simple. This Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Gyro V is as basic as it gets. Savory cheese stuffed in between pita bread, and cut into wedges. Definitely simple…but I found it lacking. It’s good to fill you up, but not as good as “I want to order this again the next time I return.” Maybe something to spice the sandwich up? It’s just basic cheese and bread, which can and will definitely get bland and boring.

Something different from burger joint 8 Cuts Burgers: their Soft-Shelled Crab Sandwich. While 8 Cuts is known for its customizable hamburgers made of pure beef, the joint also has some for the non-meat-eating crowd. I only see two problems with this one: it’s rather expensive, and it’s a seasonal item. Oh, a bit of trivia: did you know that the soft-shelled crab we know of is but the molted shell of the blue crab, removed from the water before it hardens and then cleaned?

The Kani Salad Sandwich from Melonpan Ice takes a clear inspiration from Japanese cuisine. From the use of melon pan bread (so-called for its similarity to a melon’s skin) to using imitation crab stick (kani) for the filling, this is one sandwich right out of the Land of the Rising Sun. It doesn’t scrimp on vegetables with lettuce and cucumber. A fair warning: this tends to be messy when eaten!

That caps off this entry; until the next post!

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