238 – On Past Dates: Triptych 37

One of the highlights of the previous relationship that I was in was going on food trips with my ex. These trips brought us to places we haven’t visited before and allowed us to try cuisine we haven’t tasted before. Time passed, things went downhill, and we went our separate ways.

Fast forward to now and I’ve since moved on from that first and last relationship. I was searching my camera for old content I could convert into a full entry. Fortunately, the search yielded a lot! In this post, I’ll be bringing those instances to you. This set consists of pictures from a trip to two of Binondo’s notable eateries and one from a visit to an iteration of Art Fair Philippines (in Makati.)

I’ll stop here with the story and proceed with the food!

Quik Snack in Binondo is located along Carvajal Street, a short strip of road connecting three thoroughfares. The restaurant is at the longer section of Carvajal, between Quintin Paredes and Yuchengco Streets. Its signboard is the only prominent landmark along that stretch, so you won’t have a hard time looking.

The restaurant specializes in quick bites at budget-friendly prices, a signature of most Chinese restaurants in Binondo. No woner local tour guide Ivan Man Dy has included it in his Chinatown Food Wok tour!

I’ve featured Wai Ying in a previous post from five years ago, and this happened to be my second time here. I mentioned in that post too that Wai Ying’s specialties include dim sum and roasted items, so this became a chance to try out something different.

The dimsum was good, though you really have to wait before a seat becomes vacant. Both Binondo residents and visitors from outside Manila brave the queue, knowing that they’ll get their money’s worth!

Motorino Pizza is known for its oven-baked pizzas, with the actual brick oven they use for baking well emphasized in all their branches. The joint also serves standard Italian fare such as pasta dishes and more, given the Italian background.

For a limited time, the joint offered meals for two consisting of a whole pizza, a whole serving of pasta, and dessert. If memory serves me correctly, it was part of a Valentine promotion for the whole month of February.

And that wraps up this triptych; until the next post!

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