218 – On Influencers And Seed Funding: Chubs Chasers, SM North EDSA


1. In the spirit of giving credit where it is due, I’d like to thank Leah Rous and LE Talent Management for the P1000 Chubs Chasers gift certificates that made this entry possible.

2. However, I am not under obligation to give Chubs Chasers a favorable review and my opinions on the restaurant are that of my experiences during the instances I dined there.

I never considered myself as an influencer in the six years that I’ve been blogging. Hell, two of my posts (here and here) are dedicated to my disdain towards their ilk. I don’t have the looks, the riches, the confidence, or the charisma to be one. I only have a working brain and a pretty good grasp of grammar, and I even doubt my capabilities. No PR firm or marketing agency has dared to approach me for a possible collaboration — which I used to my advantage by saying outright that I don’t commercialize my blog. Sadly, gray matter means nothing in a world of smoke and mirrors.

Rather surprised that I got these, so I’m putting them to good use.

But sometimes, things just happen.

Leah, a fellow blogger, happens to own a talent agency with a few online influencers under its wing. I once asked her out of plain curiosity: with everyone wanting to be one nowadays, how does one become an influencer? She answered that becoming an influencer requires hard work, passion, and dedication. It’s a classic case of the real (actual examples you see on your news feeds) versus the ideal, but a sensible answer nonetheless. I was surprised days later when she messaged me that two gift certificates (GCs) for a restaurant they visited are waiting for me. I met up with Leah after that conversation to claim the GCs and thanked her for the small tokens. She told me to keep up the good work with the blog.

Now, this post serves as the fruit of that small gift. I know it took me some time to work on this, but it’s better than delivering none.

Let’s move on to the actual restaurant. Chubs Chasers as a brand is relatively new, but the restaurant itself has been around since 2014 as Chubs Steak at Manok (Chubs Steak and Chicken.) Its first branch, located along Visayas Avenue, was the first one to get overhauled to its current iteration. The restaurant then set up other branches — one is located at SM City Telabastagan in Pampanga, and another is at the ground floor of SM North EDSA’s The Block. Today’s entry will focus on the latter branch, the one nearest to me.

Chubs Chasers appeals to millennial and Generation Z diners with its “instagrammable” interiors and “gram-worthy” food presentation. The joint’s interiors are a mix of minimalist and rustic elements. One side of the wall is painted with murals while the other side features hand-written motivational posters hanging on the wall. The brown furniture used at Chubs Chasers contributes an element of warmth, while the lighting adds a bright and positive aura to the entire space. Chubs Chasers is well-lit that there is no need to use flash when taking food pictures.

And now that I mentioned it – yes, the food. Chubs Chasers prides itself on three things: affordable food, large servings, and attractive presentation. Given that the restaurant’s target market is mostly young, mobile-savvy diners, the staff exerted extra effort to make their menu items aesthetically pleasing (that is, worth posting on Instagram.) Their special platters come in Sexy (single) and Chubby (good for two) servings, and these are priced between P190 to P550; nothing goes beyond P600. I haven’t tried the signature steaks yet, though I’ll do so at a later time; people deem the steak cuts noteworthy, so that’s a good reason for me to return.

I’ll stop the long-ass narrative here to showcase their offerings.

Visit Chubs Chaserswebsite, Facebook page, and Instagram profile to stay updated with their latest promos.

Until the next review, bon appetit!

Chubs Chasers
L1 The Block, SM North EDSA,
North Avenue, Brgy. Bagong Pag-Asa,
Quezon City 1105


15 thoughts on “218 – On Influencers And Seed Funding: Chubs Chasers, SM North EDSA

  1. Mine is not one of those money-spinning blogs either – I just blog for fun…and to keep mentally active. Thanks for liking one of my posts.

    Chubs Chasers? That’s an interesting name. Food looks good!

    • We almost have the same reasons for blogging haha! It’s a way for me to sharpen my writing skills outside of my day job. 🙂

      You’re most welcome! I usually like posts about kopitiams that some Malaysian bloggers I follow happen to visit. 😀 The Chubs Chasers name, incidentally, happens to describe the owners too!

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