209 – On Doria Discoveries: Tori Chizu’s New Menu Items

(AUTHOR’S NOTE:  The Tori Chizu branch located at Eastwood City Walk 2 has permanently closed its doors just a year after it opened. Timestamp: 11 June 2019, 07:48 am.)

I first wrote about Tori Chizu here on the blog in the middle of 2018 . Since then, the restaurant has branched out–with more locations and more menu items. I usually dine at Tori Chizu for lunch whenever I run out of places to have lunch at. See, working in Eastwood City for a number of years now meant that I tried out the majority of dining spots in the business park. I get tired of the same old spots and the mainstays, so it’s a good feeling when a new restaurant sprouts up among the established ones.

Now, going back to Tori Chizu. From its initial offering of doria (baked rice with cheese and other ingredients on top), it now offers specialties based on both yoshoku (Westernized Japanese cuisine) and washoku (traditional Japanese dishes.) Kudos to the joint’s dynamism when it comes to revamping its menu! Over the course of some months, I took the chance to try out each of these new menu choices – and this post aims to present them.


Tori Chizu started out with six choices of toppings for doria, but now a new member of the family is set to join. There’s also a new ramen bowl for those who prefer noodles over rice, and the classic staple miso soup also makes its debut.


The hamburger patty, originally a Western staple, gets a new interpretation thanks to yoshoku chefs. Tori Chizu‘s version serves this with rice and a fried egg on the side, different toppings, and a choice of either brown sauce or gravy.


Donburi is a washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine) favorite, and Tori Chizu takes donburi further by serving it in a cast-iron skillet. The restaurant now has four donburi favorites in its lineup.


The most recent additions to Tori Chizu‘s menu are catered to tighter budgets, but doesn’t scrimp on flavor. Make sure to mix the teriyaki bowls before digging in!

Discover more finds at Tori Chizu‘s other branches at SM Megamall, Trinoma, Eastwood City, Salcedo Village, Ortigas, Regis Center Katipunan, and UP Town Center. Do check out Tori Chizu on Facebook and Instagram to stay abreast of their latest promotions.

Until the next post, itadakimasu!

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