207 – On Garuda Gastronomy: Marindo, Manhattan Parkway

Ties between the Philippines and Indonesia date back from the era of antiquity; both were trading partners in the pre-colonial period. Both archipelagos fell under European rule–Indonesia under the Dutch, the Philippines under the Spanish crown. Bahasa loanwords making their way to the Filipino lexicon is an evidence of cultural ties between these Southeast Asian neighbors.

I’m no stranger to Southeast Asian food, Indonesian cuisine in particular. Having tried out Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine in the past, I surmised that the archipelago’s dishes would possess qualities found in that of the two. Nowadays, one would have to go all the way to Makati or Pasig just to try out authentic Indonesian food, but it would be unfavorable distance-wise especially for a Northerner like me.

Enter Marindo, a new Southeast Asian restaurant that opened late last year in Cubao. Marindo is situated along Manhattan Parkway in Cubao (in the same side as Gateway Mall and Isetann), and is competing with more established joints in the row like Today X Future, Giovanni Bar & Ristorante, Ally’s All-Day Breakfast, and more.

Marindo’s interiors do not scream of Asian exoticism. Its simple white and pastel colors give off a clean impression much like how the Little Red Dot is organized. The only decorations you’ll find on the walls are novelty plates and posters from the 1950s, which give the place a rather hipster-ish vibe. The dining area is situated at the left side once you enter, with the counter greeting you. Marindo can be rented out for various functions; just coordinate with the manager on duty for details.

Initially offering an exclusively Indonesian menu, Marindo has changed its repertoire of dishes to accommodate the denizens of Cubao. There were some instances that the restaurant ran out of certain menu items, due to the lack of ingredients – which initially discouraged me from trying Marindo out. However, a quick chat with its Singaporean owner revealed that they are now addressing this one alongside the menu revamp. Kudos to her dynamism!

Enough with the text, and on to the pictures! Stop by their Facebook page and their website. Until the next review, selamat makan!

Unit 022R, G/F Manhattan Parkway
Araneta Center
Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City 1109


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