201 – On Fowl Play: Triptych 26

I haven’t had a shortage of posts about chicken in my five years of blogging here at The Monching’s Guide. Just type in “chicken” at the search bar and browse the results if you’re not convinced enough. Heck, even my previous entry is about chicken!

But for this instance, I’d like to dedicate this triptych to three chicken dishes I tried out that ended up rather disappointing. Read on below to find out what chicken orders are suspected of “fowl play!”

A lot of millennials looked forward to dine at Korean chicken restaurant Kko Kko‘s different locations when it opened. This joint, owned by TV host Grace Lee, gained a lot of publicity with its Chicken Cheese Fondue. What does this Chicken Cheese Fondue consist of, you may ask? Melted cheese served in a bread bowl, with various snacks for dipping: fried chicken chunks, onion rings, and French fries.

I brought my younger brother along during my visit to Kko Kko’s UP Town Center branch, telling him to work up an appetite as the Chicken Cheese Fondue is rather heavy. We finished the half order (good for around two to three persons) and left so full that we weren’t able to have dinner after. Not surprising given that with all the fried stuff plus the rich cheese. Let’s admit it – the fondue is good for Instagram, but would I try it again? Only under two circumstances: either I do one of those Korean eating videos, or I have a bunch of people tagging along to help me clear it.

Despite Buffalo Wings ‘n Things‘ presence here in the Philippines, I don’t see it promoted heavily on social media compared to other buffalo wing joints like Wing Stop and Frankie’s. I’m honestly not a fan of chicken wings as it doesn’t give me the best value for money – unlike other chicken parts being sold. (Discounted chicken wings for a promotion can change my mind, however.) Thus, I’m sticking to regular chicken and rice platters. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

And speaking of dinner, I tried out this Chicken Fillet with Cream Sauce and Dirty Rice from Buffalo Wings ‘n Things at the ground level of SM Fairview Annex. This new branch occupies the old spot where Churreria La Lola used to be. (Buffalo Wings ‘n Things also has a branch in Fairview Terraces’ second level, sharing space with sister restaurant Chubby’s Rib Shack.) Disclaimer: I don’t know if I named this right as the exact name of the platter escapes me, so please comment if you have the dish’s right name and I’ll edit it accordingly. The chicken fillet is moist and well-seasoned, pairing well with the Louisiana-style dirty rice. The cream sauce was rather dismal and barely made an impact, not to mention that the amount was lacking. Kudos to the coleslaw for cutting through the chicken and rice.

Mention the name Gerry Chua and the first things that will most likely come to mind would be the purple fire engines and Eng Bee Tin brand hopia (Chinese flaky pastry filled with sweet mung bean paste.) Chua, however, has expanded the Eng Bee Tin brand to include restaurants such as Cafe Mezzanine, Chuan Kee Eatery, and Mr. Ube Rice and Noodle House.

This Salted Egg Chicken is among the dishes served at Mr. Ube Rice and Noodle House branches, including the kiosk at Ayala Cloverleaf Mall’s new food court. You can tell that the joint did not scrimp on the salted egg coating the deep-fried chicken chunks. They were generous with the salted egg indeed – that your taste buds are overwhelmed by it! It doesn’t help that the free soup that comes with every order was equally salty. Whatever herbs included in the soup only amplified the richness of the salted egg! The sweet golden custard sesame ball served as the bright spot in this one. I wouldn’t try this again in the immediate future; only when I’m really hungry and craving for an intense salted egg dish.

Well, that’s it for this fowl triptych. Until the next review, bon appetit!


10 thoughts on “201 – On Fowl Play: Triptych 26

    • As for me, I’m more into the breast and thigh parts – and good thing those chicken parts are available here in the Philippines in fillet form! 😀

      For buffalo wings, volume is the key to enjoying it – the more wings, the merrier. 😉

  1. Not a fan of chicken wings as well as it seems not “suilt”. Yes it’s tasty but has less meat 😉 I guess it only fits as an appetizer (though I don’t need one most of the time). 😀

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