196 – On Paisleys, Parkas, And Wonderwalls

Oasis: one of the definitive bands of 90s Brit-pop. Memorable hits such as Wonderwall, Stand By Me, Don’t Go Away, Don’t Look Back In Anger, and Champagne Supernova were among the songs the band churned out during its 18-year run. Oasis had its share of internal bickering just like with other groups. But it was the friction between the frontmen, brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher, that led to its disbandment in 2009 after Noel’s departure.

The siblings, who both served as vocalists and rhythm guitarists in Oasis, have since moved on. After performing with his band Beady Eye from 2009 to 2014, Liam has since embarked on a solo career—with a concert here in Manila last August 2017. Noel Gallagher, on the other hand, went his own way with his High Flying Birds (which is still active as of this typing.) Noel’s high-profile friendship with legendary British musician Paul Weller is a frequent topic in the British press.

Aside from music, the Gallagher brothers have left an impression on men’s style. Liam owns the Pretty Green clothing line, while shoe manufacturer adidas collaborated with Noel for a limited-run trainer with his likeness. My outfit for today’s post takes inspiration from these bickering brothers, so don’t go away!

Noel keeps it simple yet casual with a dress shirt, jeans, and trainers whenever he goes on stage. My take on Noel’s style starts off with this paisley shirt from Main Street by SM Department Store. Notice that the shirt is worn untucked and its sleeves folded. I bought this shirt around 2015 but I seldom use it. It’s made of a non-breathable fabric (which I believe is polyester) and ironing it is a chore in itself; I have to spray water on it before doing so.

This pair of indigo wash jeans from Bench was an emergency purchase after the pair I was wearing prior to this fell apart. The jeans, originally a straight (almost baggy) fit, looked better on me after a trip to the alteration shop. Bench is a homegrown Philippine brand known for its trendy fashion pieces and classic standards for Gen-Xers, millennials, and Gen-Z kids. Before Uniqlo arrived in the Philippines, Bench was one of the ubiquitous brands in most wardrobes. Moving on, I used to prefer straight (baston) trousers, but I shifted to wearing tapered jeans after seeing how the fit looked on me.

Meanwhile, Liam isn’t Liam without his signature parka—and not just any brand of parka, mind you; he prefers Stone Island ones. He loves his outerwear so much, he even took to Twitter when his parkas were stolen from his hotel room. You might remember my previous outfit post featuring a similar parka. I bought another one last year and it’s nearer to how the mods would wear oversize parkas. (Special thanks to legendary ska/soul musician Bing Austria for pointing this out!) Just like my previous parka, I put some patches on this new one—the Three Lions football crest, and a stylized design that mixed the Union Jack and the London Underground logo. (Incidentally, England won 2-0 against Sweden in the World Cup on the day these pictures were taken.)

I bought this pair of Sherborn Runner trainers in blue and white colorway from Onitsuka Tiger around last year, and it meshes well with the overall ensemble. You might ask: why not adidas? Here’s my answer: adidas does not have sizes for people with giant feet like me (I’m a size 12.) Besides, I don’t have any adidas trainers as of this time – the last time I had a pair was back in college – so this will have to do. I love the light soles on this pair compared to the chunky ones that other brands have. However, the only gripe I have with the Sherborn Runner trainers is that its upper material does not take kindly to water. Perhaps some waterproofing will do this pair some good?

Lastly, I’d like to mention this nautical-inspired duffle bag from the Uniqlo X JW Anderson collection. I bought this bag, the last one in beige color, after eyeing it for some time. Duffle bags like these have a casual yet timeless design that lend an old-school feel to an outfit. Blue with duck prints is the only design remaining for this particular bag, for those who like a summer vibe. The thick strap supports the full weight of the bag when loaded. A leather patch featuring the JW Anderson logo neatly conceals one end of the strap. If there’s one downside to this bag – it’s that the small pocket in the inside has no way of keeping items in the pocket secure.

Because maybe, you gotta be the one that saves me…

(PS: Apparently, Liam is calling for an Oasis reunion – even tweeting out to Noel to consider. Sadly, only radio silence came from the latter. Good call, Noel.)

Blue paisley long-sleeve shirt: Main Street by SM Department Store
Indigo wash jeans: Bench
M1951 olive green mod parka: Surplus Shop
Beige duffle bag: Uniqlo X JW Anderson
Trainers: Onitsuka Tiger Sherborn Runner


4 thoughts on “196 – On Paisleys, Parkas, And Wonderwalls

    • Thanks! 😀 Natsambahan ko lang iyan sa Surplus Shop late last year, P800 lang. May ganiyan din sa Uniqlo, kaso wala akong P6000! XD

      Pero kung tutuusin, laging si Liam yung nagsisimula. Tira nang tira yun sa Twitter; sabi nga ni Noel sa kaniya: “He’s like a man with a fork in a world of soup.”

      Liked by 1 person

      • Si Liam ba yung mas abnormal sakanila? Yung laging galit? Nalimutan ko na kasi kung sino yung laging nagagalit hahahaah

        Gusto ko yung mga pang-mens na damit kagaya nyang parka mo, parang ang comfy kasi. shet ang mahal ng 6k! Pag sa uniqlo na ako nagwowork, bigyan kita ng discount haha

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, si Liam nga if I remember correctly. Hindi lang nakapunta si Noel sa Manchester One Love Concert (yung after ng Ariana Grande concert bombing), nag-tweet si gago.

        Swertehan lang talaga sa Surplus Shop – just take some time to browse the latest stocks. 🙂 Practical din siyang rain jacket, kaya good buy iyan para sa akin.


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