195 – On Toast Box’s Unexpected Closure

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This restaurant is defunct and Toast Box has fully occupied its space. Timestamp: 19 July 2019, 03:12 pm.)

It is indeed true that life comes at you fast.

Just when I was planning to write a review for another branch of Toast Box, the inevitable just happens. Everything was unexpected—I wasn’t even able to pay Toast Box one last visit before it closed down for good. Here’s what happened for those out of the loop as to what I am talking about.

Toast Box, after a decade of operating here in the Philippines, has officially shuttered all their branches. Originally a sister establishment of Singaporean bakery chain Bread Talk, the restaurant stood out on its own by serving the Little Red Dot’s traditional breakfast—teh tarik and kaya toast. Its management announced the closure of all its existing locations by May 31, catching a lot of diners unaware.

However, I visited Toast Box‘s Trinoma location around the first days of June and was surprised. The restaurant didn’t shutter at all! It was the same location with a revamped menu, refurbished interiors, and a new name: Toast & Co. The SM Aura branch, on the other hand, is now Nanyang Kopitiam. Some old favorites remain in the menu, while a few new ones have made the cut.

Now that I’ve said it, allow me to share some specialties from the former Toast Box to culminate this post – just as a sort of last hurrah.

Until the next post, bon appetit.

28 thoughts on “195 – On Toast Box’s Unexpected Closure

  1. When toast box opened in our area last year we were delighted…we as family traveled to Singapore and Indonesia many times and we love their laksa and kaya toast…and toast box brought that here…

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  2. This might be biased (because of the whole MY food is better than SG food debate 😛 ), but Toast Box didn’t do that well in Malaysia! Maybe it’s because we have tonnes of kopitiams that offer great food at cheaper prices, and TB here was just meh. They still have a few outlets left, but many have closed.

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    • Sad news, indeed; to think it was the biggest branch! 😦

      I first saw it when my parents and I accompanied my younger brother to the nearby Gloria Maris for their graduation ball. If that branch didn’t close down, it would have been this entry.


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