188 – On Six Days’ Worth Of Outfits

As you may all know, I have a day job and this blog isn’t my bread and butter. You might have read my previous post about eight staples in the mod wannabe’s wardrobe, but I would be wearing that every single day in an ideal world. Let’s be realistic here. The tropical weather isn’t conducive to suits and fur-lined parkas.

However, this isn’t a reason for one to not dress properly. I’m pretty much leaning towards a more casual outfit for office wear with hints of formality—thanks to the absence of a dress code in my workplace. The standard everyday outfit for me would be a polo shirt, a pair of trousers or jeans, shoes, and outerwear to cap everything off. The last two items are of utmost importance as I take public transportation and work in an office – both air-conditioned.

So, here’s how I dress—outside of my OOTD posts—during a regular week.


Parka: Surplus Shop
Sky blue polo shirt: Uniqlo
Jeans: CDN
Boots: Dr. Martens


Parka: Surplus Shop
Green scarf: Davao public market
Gray polo shirt: Perry Ellis
Jeans: DB Max
Boots: Hush Puppies


Bomber jacket: Pull & Bear
Navy blue polo shirt: Nautica
Gray chinos: Bossini
Trainers: Onitsuka Tiger


Black half-zip sweatshirt: Uniqlo
White polo shirt: Regatta
Jeans: DB Max
Trainers: Onitsuka Tiger


Full-zip sweater: Zara
Polo shirt: Nautica
Jeans: PAGE Jeans
Boat shoes: Geox

Saturday / Sunday:

Polo shirt: The Savile Row Company
Khaki: Levi’s
Hi-top sneakers: Old Navy

That’s all for now; until the next post.

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