187 – On Doria Dealings: Tori Chizu, Eastwood City Walk 2

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Just a year after Tori Chizu opened, it is with some sadness that I update this entry. This branch has permanently closed its doors. Timestamp: 11 June 2019, 07:45 am.)

Japan’s interaction with European powers in the late 1800s until the early 1900s, particularly during the Meiji Restoration, gave birth to a number of dishes that expanded the Land of the Rising sun’s culinary repertoire. Signature staples such as omurice (omelette rice), menchi katsu (minced cutlet), korokke (croquette), castella sponge cake, curry, and more were introduced around that period. These yoshoku dishes make use of traditionally Occidental ingredients like meat, cheese, and cream.

One of the more ubiquitous yoshoku dishes is doria, the Japanese version of rice gratin. This was first created in France by an Italian chef surnamed Doria as a tribute to the Italian tricolore. Signiore Doria used cucumbers (green), egg whites, and tomatoes (red) to replicate the colors of the Italian flag. The cheese-topped baked rice dish would eventually reach Japan in 1925 after a French chef at Yokohama’s New Grand Hotel replicated it using small prawns. Doria became entrenched in Japanese households over time—with housewives and restaurants putting their own twists on the original recipe.

Today’s featured restaurant pays tribute to this uniquely Japanese dish with multi-cultural origins. Tori Chizu opened last March 2018 at Eastwood City Walk 2, beside Army Navy on the ground level. It has two other branches both in the Ortigas area, so it was nice to know that I no longer need to go far for this. Warm colors surround the restaurant with a few pieces to make it look like an oven’s interior. One such example is the heating coil light installed in the ceiling near the counter. Seating isn’t a problem as Tori Chizu has ample indoor and outdoor space for both groups and solo diners.

The complete doria lineup

Tori Chizu prides itself on its original chicken teriyaki doria: chicken teriyaki chunks on a bed of rice, topped with bechamel sauce, mozzarella cheese, and green onions baked until the cheese melts. There are other doria variants available: cream dory and sesame, beef yakiniku, curry chicken, shrimp and tomatoes, and takoyaki. One can opt to add extra cheese to their doria for P30.

The umami-style fried chicken is also a highlight of the menu, but I’m not a fan of it. Side dishes to go with the rice meals are also available. Do note, however, that I didn’t try the Mazemen (brothless ramen) and TC Hambagu since the rice meals piqued my interest more. Oh, before I forget—Tori Chizu‘s Milk Chiz soft-serve ice cream is similar to that of Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, but more budget-friendly.

Here are some of their other offerings:

Do check out Tori Chizu on Facebook and Instagram to stay abreast of their latest promotions. Until the next review, bon appetit.

Tori Chizu
G/L Eastwood City Walk 2
Eastwood City, Bagumbayan,
Libis, Quezon City 1110


8 thoughts on “187 – On Doria Dealings: Tori Chizu, Eastwood City Walk 2

  1. I have always wanted to try this but darn it, branches are just too far! From the doria, what would you recommend?

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