185 – On A 2018 Second Quarter Update And Revising The Blog Policy

Let’s step on the brakes with the food reviews for a while so I can write an update post.

I’m back on track just 13 months after my old smartphone got ruined, with a new phone making the recent spate of reviews possible. It’s not exactly the best model with only a 5 megapixel camera to boot—but it does the job when the situation calls for discreet photography. The most difficult part of writing a restaurant review is taking pictures of the interiors. Some places aren’t exactly welcoming when it comes to taking snapshots while others do not mind at all and even encourage patrons to do so.

I’ve also rehashed the Blog Policy section. It’s common knowledge that an overwhelming majority of today’s readers do not understand entire passages of text and only have a comprehension limited to the 140 characters permitted on Twitter. What are the revisions, you may ask?

  • I’m softening my stance on possible PR collaborations, but that doesn’t mean I’ll completely bend over. (#10 and #11)
  • I’ve also made it clear for the Nth time that foreigners aren’t welcome here. (#14 and #15)
  • However, I’m also exempting fellow Southeast Asian bloggers from the above rule. (#16)

“But Monch, does that mean you’ve turned your back on what you stood for?”

Not at all! I’m opening the door to future collaborations, but I still have the final say on things. My blog, my rules, my editorial decisions. Besides, who likes one-sided deals that clearly put you in a disadvantaged position? Maybe you do, but not me.

“Wow, where do you get the tenacity to shoo foreign bloggers off your site?”

Let’s face it: most of the bloggers here on WordPress are either ignorant Indians, tactless African-Americans, or Caucasian female travelers or beauty junkies that only follow you to rack up their numbers, which do not matter to me at all. How do you see them interact, if you may ask me? Leaving nonsensical comments just to promote their blogs anywhere—even in a serious post written in a language they do not understand at all! Promoting a blog in a serious post is utter tastelessness, if not stupidity. Is this the method most marketing gurus teach?

And a final message: I’m no beta male you can dupe into following and liking all your posts. Let’s not waste each other’s time since the possibility of us meeting in real life is nil. You’re not getting anything from me if I’m not getting anything from you. So, away with your thottery and begone from my sight!

(P.S. You don’t need to worry if you’re from Southeast Asia. #16 takes care of that. Besides, look at the number of Southeast Asian bloggers in most of my entries.)

Alright, moving on. Expect more new posts from me in the next couple of days. And to those people who have returned to blogging after so long, welcome back!

Lastly, here’s a message to those stubborn foreigners who keep on visiting my blog despite countless times they’re being told off…courtesy of Donald J. Trump.


(from https://imgflip.com/i/10s8kg, under Fair Use rules)


26 thoughts on “185 – On A 2018 Second Quarter Update And Revising The Blog Policy

    • It may be a laughing matter to some, but it’s a different story when foreigners both here in WP and in real life piss you off.

      Thankfully, I’m keeping my patience to a maximum =))


  1. Hello! I’m just curious; you obviously don’t care for foreigners, and yet you use Donald Trump memes to support your posts. Your name “Weller” also sounds very Western, so I’m wondering about the foundations of your principles. Can you please explain? Thank you!

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    • First of all, thank you for asking; comments like yours are the ideal type of engagement I’m looking for.

      Let me tackle two points you raised, namely:

      1. My use of Donald Trump memes in this post

      This is mainly intended for maximum effect, just to bring my point across. The memes serve as a sort of repellent; when they see it, they’ll go “oh, this guy supports Trump!” and steer clear. You see, the thing with most foreigners right here is that an overwhelming majority of them hate Donald Trump for various reasons. Triggered, as the SJWs say, two years after Trump’s victory against Hillary Clinton.

      And as I mentioned in one of the replies, foreigners here don’t interact with you – they simply do so to promote their blogs and add numbers to their count. This practice is the reason why I made this blog’s Instagram private – foreigners following you just to unfollow again after you become a +1 to their follower count.

      Here are two earlier related blog entries:

      * https://themonchingsguide.wordpress.com/2017/06/27/162-on-the-issue-of-foreigners-do-read-this-for-your-convenience/
      * https://themonchingsguide.wordpress.com/2017/10/04/171-on-bots-and-thots-on-the-gram-reflections-on-four-years-part-1/

      2. My use of the surname “Weller” for my nom de plume

      The surname comes from the English musician Paul Weller, formerly the frontman of mod revival band The Jam and 80s pop group The Style Council. I really liked Weller’s sense of style and his music, ever since discovering him back when I was 16.

      Just to clarify, however: my target here in this blog post is not aspects of a culture such as music and food – only people following a despicable practice. I’m a fan of British music and the mod / skinhead subculture, which is seldom seen here on WordPress.

      Hope that answers your question. 🙂


      • Thanks for accommodating my question! I hope you’ll let me engage in a healthy discussion about this.

        1. I see your point about Donald Trump; I guess I just find it strange that you would choose him when there are Asians that many people fear too, like Wu Zetian and Pol Pot, even our own Duterte! Then again, Trump is in a league of his own 😛 I’m wondering though, when you say that most foreigners “right here” hate him, do you mean the people who’ve commented on your blog, or are you referring to other WordPress sites you’ve read?

        2. If I understand you right, your views towards foreigners are based solely on the experiences you’ve had with some followers. Correct me if I’m wrong otherwise, but I have two questions here:
        a. How do you treat foreigners who are genuinely interested in your posts, and in Philippine culture? How do you filter these kinds of foreigners?
        b. Does this mean your disdain doesn’t apply outside of the blog? There are more and more foreigners moving to and working here in the Philippines, so we’re bound to enter into social circles and professional situations that include foreigners. What are your views towards foreigners outside of the blogging space? I admit I’m a bit shocked at how vehement you are in your policies and in some of your posts, so I’m trying to understand where you’re coming from. Sorry if you’ve already talked about this in previous posts; I’m a newcomer so I haven’t had the chance to go through them all.

        Thanks in advance!

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      • You’re most welcome! Here are my answers:

        1. I am referring to the other WordPress sites I’ve read here, in the course of his initial foray in 2016 as a potential presidential nominee for the Republican Party–up until now that he’s in the White House.

        2a. I’ve been blogging for four years now (going five this September), and to be honest with you I have not encountered any Western blogger who was genuinely interested in my posts. Either they follow you with the expectation that you end up as a +1 in their follow count, comment a link on their blog to promote clicks, or invite me to join a click-bait content mill site without compensation. Sad reality, yes – but this has been the case since I started in 2013.

        About foreigners who are interested in Philippine culture, I’d welcome them – but not the obnoxious behavior.

        (Do note, though, that I’ve explicitly stated that Southeast Asian bloggers are not included in this. You’ll find Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean, and Thai bloggers liking my posts and sharing their insights on some.)

        2b. Interestingly, I asked myself that same question in #162:

        “On a side note, I’m considering if I should extend this mindset beyond this blog – and apply it in dealing with foreigners in real life. See, here’s the ironic thing: I work in a job that involves dealing with foreigners on a daily basis. The executives have whiter skin than I do, and also some of my fellow team members. I don’t have qualms adapting this mindset in real life, but a second opinion from fellow Filipino bloggers will do.”

        I’m leaning towards a 70-30 stance on this (70% anti-foreign, 30% lenient.)

        The 70% just got reinforced after a recent work issue involving a French project manager pressuring us to do the work immediately. If a foreigner is an asshole to me in email communications, I’m not expected to be cordial to them in person. I’d definitely deny them a handshake. For the 30% part, this is where I’m trying to be optimistic after fruitful relations with Caucasian colleagues. I’ve worked with three French nationals, two Brazilians, a Spaniard, and a Colombian so far – with good results.

        No need to apologize; just feel free to browse. 🙂


  2. I think I see what you did there. If someone who just scrolls through (and doesn’t really read) sees that meme/photo of Trump or the ‘foreigners stay away’ bit, they’d stay away.

    Anyway, I think it’s great that you’re reconsidering blog collaborations and asserting what your conditions are. It will be a learning experience for the PR person reading how I imagine you’d respond to an email.

    I can’t count with my fingers the number of offers I turned down because they don’t want to put a disclaimer that the product is sent for PR consideration or because they can’t give me freedom to write my way.

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    • And to be honest, I don’t think they ever read at all – especially the Indians. They just like this post and follow my blog; most of them are self-proclaimed “writers” and “marketing experts”, but ironic that they don’t get the message.

      Oh, now that’s gonna be a field day for the young and naive PR kid if that happens haha! Thankfully no one has dared to send me an email – maybe they cower at the thought of someone declining an “offer they can’t refuse”?

      Kudos to you for standing up to them! 🙂


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