171 – On Bots And Thots On The Gram (Reflections On Four Years, Part 1)

And just like that, time flies fast. I haven’t noticed it at all – it has been four years since I started The Monching’s Guide. I’ve encountered a few problems this year such as the loss of a smartphone and laptop, but it was offset with new opportunities like traveling overseas. A lot of things can happen in four years; I’m following a few bloggers here that started later than me, but now have a lot of followers and views. On the other hand, I only have gained around 400 followers – insufficient enough to reach a significant number of hits.

However, profound insights and experience replaced the statistics I did not gain throughout the four years that I have been blogging. Let me share them to you in this first of two posts, as a sort of update and a post-anniversary gift.

Ah, Instagram. I was never open to the idea of using the platform – until CJ suggested that I do. Why would I be, when all you can see in the platform would be the so-called social media influencers?

• Naive, like-craving teens wearing skimpy outfits (or some atelier-sponsored look)
• High society “it girls” showing off their new bikini at some seaside tourist destination
• Sporty / gym girls and meatheads showing off their “gainz”
• Wannabe food bloggers aiming to score a free meal from restaurants
• EDM disc jockeys proud of their bolt-on “decks”, or T&A
• Models showing off their designer apparel and silicone enhancements

Even worse are the bot users who drop meaningless drivel in the comments section of every picture. Maybe the cognitive capacity of the technical team behind those bots can only understand a maximum of four words at a time, so they use emoticons to communicate? Google instagram bots and read some of the horror stories that turn up to know what I mean. Some marketers might say: oh, it’s a marketing tool for fuck’s sake; just fake it till you make it! Good work, then. That’s exactly the reason why your likes mean nothing. Thanks for destroying the platform.

How should they be addressed, you may ask? Block them as soon as they follow and comment. Better yet, be a good citizen and call them out for their illegal use of bots—use the report button if need be! Don’t just complain about the system rigged against you, be the cure that’s needed and take the fight to the enemy’s doorstep! So what if they hate you? Some people enjoy the fight after getting hit more than once! Meanwhile, if you find an Instagram user who actually runs their account – bring back the spirit of the platform and engage them like proper humans do. (Singular they, my friends.)

Oh, and before I forget. Quit the thirsty and desperate comments on women’s pictures! There is no such thing as a “goddess”, and everyone – including that woman whose pictures you are commenting on – sits on a toilet bowl. Think about this: when you see a picture of a thot on your Instagram feed, chuckle and be thankful. You never know, that “Instagram model” might be on the receiving end of fecal matter from Middle Eastern sheiks – for a pair of red Christian Louboutin pumps and a Chanel handbag. Tag the sponsor, anyone?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The featured image for this post was created via the imgflip.com meme generator, under Fair Use rules.

14 thoughts on “171 – On Bots And Thots On The Gram (Reflections On Four Years, Part 1)

  1. Congratulations on reaching 4 years! Insights and experiences are priceless! I remember you were one of my first few followers. Feels like it was just yesterday. Happy that we’re still here together. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. happy 4th! 🙂
    kelangan ng effort para makakuha ng malaking hits. Noon (mga 8 years ago haha), uso yung link exchanges between bloggers. pampataas engagement. later on, narealize ko na nakakapagod hahahahaha. matanda na ko, la na masyado time sa ganyan ganyan hahah

    Liked by 1 person

      • ma-ooutgrow din nila yan. hahahah,syempre nung mga teen days natin we long for communication with other people. swerte ko lang kasi nagging advantage rin naman ang pagbblog on my part: I gained friends. hahaha.

        ngayon blog blog na lang ginagawa ko, bahala na kung sino maglike or magcomment hahahaha

        Liked by 1 person

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