170 – On Overseas Outfitting

Let’s step aside from the usual food-related content for another outfit post. I’m no stranger to the classic polo-shirt-and-jeans combination, being the basis for most of my previous outfit entries. However, this one holds the record for the first combo I wore during a trip outside the Philippines.

I could say that this white polo shirt with boating knot patterns from Regatta was a lucky pick. This happened to be the last model available—in extra-large, mind you—when I visited. Coupled with a significant discount that reduced the price to P300, I did not pass up the chance. Singapore tends to have a humid climate with fiery sunny days, tempered with thunderstorms in the afternoon. Bright colored shirts are best for dog days as they do not absorb a large amount of sunlight compared to dark colored ones. The boating knot patterns add a naval touch to this ensemble, which I personally liked.

This blouson, on the other hand, had a rather complicated beginning. I first bought it for P500 at Surplus Shop at, then had it altered as the cuffs were too big. I had the piping sections replaced (collar, cuffs, and bottom hem) after some time – however, this job turned out dismally. It was only after more than a year that I managed to have this corrected. To cap things off, I sewed on a “British smiley” patch from Tickles. (Yes, they also sell patches for clothes.)

The jacket served its purpose during the two-day vacation, protecting me from both cold winds and air conditioning. You might ask: did your blouson smell of spices at the end of the day, given that you rode the MRT to go around the city? No, not at all. No lingering scent of curry or cumin; I aired it out just in case.

Moving on to the pants, you might have noticed this pair from PAGE Jeans before – from an earlier entry. It’s light and soft thanks to countless trips to the local laundromat and their liberal use of fabric softener – so it was the best choice to bring for an overseas trip. I tend to wear my pants rather baggy, up until now. 2018 will be the year that I’ll ditch overly-straight pants that came straight out of the 1960s. I hesitated at first with shortening the few pairs that I have after a few botched jobs, but now I am warming up to the idea. Apparently, you need to rely on a trusted alteration shop to get the quality you desire.

Singapore is a very walkable country—which means you need a good pair of shoes to survive. The Fresh Foam Arishi running shoes from New Balance sealed the deal during my trip, whether it was on the dry Sentosa boardwalk or the wet pavements of Orchard Road. First, the neutral gray and white colorway matches with a lot of outfit colors. One’s feet gets a dose of oxygen with the breathable mesh upper; it might not stand in rainy weather, so waterproofing it straight out of the box is a good way to keep it in one piece. The gum sole ensures consistent traction on any surface to avoid slipping. Lastly, the shoe’s light sole and insert make it suitable for long walks without heavy rubber digging into your feet.

Phew…I never thought that an outfit I wore during an overseas trip would get a full feature here!

White polo shirt with naval knot patterns: Regatta
Blue and white blouson: Surplus Shop, modified by Paras Alterations
Jeans: PAGE Jeans
Shoes: New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi


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