169 – On An August Update And Good Things In Threes

I’d like to ask all of you a question before I start this entry: is it bad if I haven’t moved on from the Singapore hype two months since my trip? That’s exactly what I’m feeling right now, with the indelible mark the Lion City has left upon me.

A lot of things have happened ever since I finished writing the Singapore series (click here to view all posts), and this blog post of mine will show you some discoveries of mine outside my first overseas trip. You might wonder why I included the “good things come in threes” part. Well, read on!

Paotsin’s laksa

Paotsin is known widely as that stall selling cheap yet delicious dumpling rice in major malls. However, they also offer laksa (noodles in spicy curry broth) – which I believe is under-appreciated. Blame it on the fact that we Filipinos are predominantly rice-eaters, albeit Filipino cuisine has some noodle meals. I tried out three of their laksa variants just for something different than the usual order of dumplings and rice.

Editors’ training lunch

We had a three-day editors’ training session last month at Microtel Acropolis, just across Eastwood City. As most of you know, a company-sponsored training session also means free food – which I gladly took advantage of. I chose some Southeast Asian staples for all my meals during the three days of the session. While nothing beats flying to Singapore for the authentic versions of these dishes, the nasi goreng with chicken satay sticks was to die for!

Ice cream sandwiches by Passenger Seat

Tourists always make it a point to have a taste of the affordable ice cream sandwiches sold by the ah kongs (uncles) in Singapore. However, Marikina-based Passenger Seat gives the iconic cold treat a uniquely Filipino twist. I discovered Passenger Seat at the Unicorns and Rainbows fair, held during the weekends of August in Eastwood Mall. They use wafers by default to sandwich the ice cream blocks which, surprisingly, retain their firmness for some time.

Ready-to-eat-food from Marketplace by Rustan’s

The Tantocos have opened a new branch of Marketplace by Rustan’s in Eastwood City, taking the spot formerly occupied by Project Pie and Dwell. That’s enough competition for Robinsons Supermarket, which is located nearby. I’m sure you’ve had some relatives or friends that put in a good word for their gourmet selections. Given that the Rustan’s brand is known for quality, they emphasize this tenet for all the brands under their wing.

I bought a few of their prepared dishes and I can attest that they taste good for something you find in a supermarket. If you’re too lazy to cook a meal, Marketplace by Rustan’s is a fantastic place to visit.

Chop Stop

Chop Stop was among my favorite restaurants in Fairview Terraces–and for a good reason. Who wouldn’t be satisfied with unlimited rice for their signature chop meals? Good thing they have a branch in Eastwood, eliminating the need for me to drive to the northern Ayala mall whenever I crave their chops. I always make it a point to order their Jack Daniel’s chop with every visit. Nevertheless – there’s nothing bad in trying out the other variants, right?

Fashion picks

And now, for some things outside of gastronomy. I recently bought a pair of Onitsuka Tiger trainers for a discounted price during Complex Lifestyle Store’s end-of-season sale. The brand, manufactured by ASICS, was behind Bruce Lee’s iconic black and yellow sneakers in Enter The Dragon. What I liked most about this pair of Sherborn Runner shoes, aside from the heritage, is its light sole compared to other trainers.

There’s also this red-violet Krisna Bali batik shirt from CJ that she bought during her trip to Bali. Apparently, the sleeves on this shirt are too short for my arms – so I might have them altered to three-fourths length. That way, I can cuff them before wearing. Last but not the least is this jacket from Pull & Bear. I love how this jacket can protect me against both rain and cold, not to mention that it takes cues from 1940s flight jackets.

And that wraps up my August update entry. No smartphone, no laptop, but still writing. Until the next post.


17 thoughts on “169 – On An August Update And Good Things In Threes

    • OK naman siya, though it’s best eaten with a spoon and fork. Still doesn’t come close to the one at Makansutra though. πŸ™‚ (Tip: hindi na crispy yung crackling pork laksa nila noong in-order ko.) 😦

  1. Okay lang yan may hangover ka pa sa SG trip! πŸ˜€
    Gusto ko makasubok ng Chicken Rice talaga na legit eh. Sana may ma-try ka tapos isulat mo ulit kuya Monch! πŸ˜€

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