167 – The Monching Visits Singapore (Day 3)

15 July, 08:45 – 11:30

We both woke up early since it was our last day in Singapore. We packed up our laundries, fixed our things, and freshened up for our final itineraries before departing. Once we were done, we left our bags in the hallway of our Airbnb flat and rode the bus to our next destination.

Breakfast wasn’t a problem. We had it at ninethirty, a restaurant along East Coast Road operated by chocolate purveyor Awfully Chocolate. I ordered steak and eggs while CJ got a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. The steak’s medium-rare doneness, diced potatoes, and runny eggs made me forget that I preferred rice more for any breakfast fare. On the other hand, I wasn’t a fan of pickles so I removed those from my share of CJ’s sandwich. I almost forgot that the chocolate drinks were to die for! Whether they’re hot or cold, spiked or not, ninethirty’s cocoa-based beverages tickle the taste buds.

15 July, 12:30 – 15:00

Visited three malls for some last-minute pasalubong shopping. I didn’t get any hauls from Village Square Mall just across ninethirty; they had some shoes at reduced prices, however. I bought a polo shirt from the Giordano outlet at OneKM Mall. I liked the shirt’s design—which was based on the 52nd Singapore National Day—since it was a twist to the usual “I Love Singapore” shirts.

Our original goal in visiting Changi City Point was to look for a pair of Nike Huarache sneakers for CJ’s younger brother, but we left the mall with cheap jars of Nutella and packs of Kit Kat for the folks back home. Changi City Point is just right outside the Expo MRT station, making it a convenient stop for those who want to buy small gifts before leaving the Lion City.

15 July, 15:30 – 18:00

It was time to bid Singapore goodbye. We returned to our Airbnb flat, got our luggage, and rode the bus once more to Paya Lebar MRT station. It would then be a 30-minute train ride from the city proper straight to Changi Airport—all without touching the ground below.

We checked in our luggage upon arrival and had a rather late lunch (or early supper) at Nando’s. This restaurant serves Brazilian fare like grilled chicken and ribs. Some last-minute shopping followed at Changi Airport’s duty-free outlets, and we boarded the plane some time later. I’ll take this time to sleep!

Dinner is served.

15 July, 21:00 – 23:00

Dinner service just started, and I took the marinated chicken in spicy sauce for the evening meal. I ordered a can of Heineken out of curiosity—and mainly after seeing CJ order a glass of white wine. You know how it ended up? Me having a red face and CJ chuckling. Even I myself couldn’t help but chuckle. I wished her good night and slept for a short while.

Lion City hauls.

15 July, 23:30 – 16 July, 02:30

We reached NAIA Terminal 2 at the stroke of twelve. However, it took us half an hour to get out bags from the carousel area. Another passenger who came from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand was complaining about the slow service—and the passenger happened to be my aunt. (She did get her luggage shortly before us.) I can’t blame her entirely though. It’s things like this, and some others that can be done properly at the first instance, that make one appreciate how efficient Singapore is.


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