164 – On A July Update, Plus Introducing The Singapore Series

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: For ease of conversion in this entry, I’m pegging the exchange rate to SGD 1 = PHP 37.)

Remember the Singapore trip CJ and I we were to do, mentioned in this post? If you’ve been following The Monching’s Guide on Instagram, yes – we pushed through last July 13 to 15.

Wonder why this airport is consistently cited as the best in the world?

Many days have passed since we returned to the Philippines, but I can’t stop raving about the city-state’s discipline and efficiency. From Changi Airport to the SMRT buses, their government has put sufficient consideration when they planned Singapore’s transport system. The place isn’t called “fine city” for nothing, so it’s best to stick to the law rather than pay exorbitant penalties. Oh, and brush up on your Queen’s English – as the majority of people will understand some British terms better compared to their American equivalents.

Don’t let the size fool you; this meal cost us around S$9 yet filled us up.

Yes, Singapore may have a high cost of living but hawker centers are your friend. Imagine having a filling meal for around S$3 or S$4 (around P110 to P150.) Many Singaporeans start their day with the national breakfast dish of kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs with white pepper and soy sauce, and either kopi or teh. Kopi tiam joints like Toast Box and Ya Kun Kaya Toast let you enjoy this specialty combination.

Shaw Centre along Orchard Road.

There are a lot of shopping establishments and commercial centers in the country, with the famous Orchard Road housing malls right beside and across each other. Owing to Singapore’s roots as a trading post established by Sir Stamford Raffles, one can purchase both full-priced luxuries and affordable essentials during a visit. To put it in perspective, I’ve both seen youths lining up at the entrance of Louis Vuitton along Orchard Road and BMW-driving office workers having lunch at roadside hawker stalls. CJ managed to purchase Nutella jars at S$1 (around P40), while I bought a Singapore-exclusive polo shirt from Giordano for around S$49.

Marina Bay Sands at 7:00 pm. The sun doesn’t set until 7:30 pm in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands, Resorts World Sentosa, Gardens by the Bay, and The Esplanade, often frequented by tourists, are just some of the many sights to be seen. For the nature lovers, there’s Jurong Bird Park and the Night Safari.

The Singapore Tourist Pass is your valuable friend, trust me.

And now that I’ve mentioned it, I’m making this post as a sort of announcement. In line with Singapore’s National Day next month, I’ll be dedicating the entirety of August to writing about our three-day trip to the Lion City. New posts will be published every Friday.

With that, I end this entry. Until the next post, lah?

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