163 – On A Mid-Year Food-Related Update

Half a year has passed for 2017, and a reasonable amount of time has lapsed ever since my last post. Which was more of a rant, admittedly. Still no laptop and no smartphone, but things are starting to normalize since I posted about my predicament last May.

Now that the main policy of “look, don’t touch” for Whitey and the Gaijins has been laid down, let’s get back to the business of writing about what you people frequent here for: FOOD. (Hey, Whitey and the Gaijins is a fantastic name for a satirical band of sorts – now that I’ve thought of it.)

Despite meeting only once in a while, me and CJ have made our recent dates memorable by trying out new spots together. Maintaining a long-distance relationship is hard, especially when you’re a member of the working class and your partner has returned to the halls of formal schooling. On to business, folks!

A full Japanese spread right here.

A food trip to the Land of the Rising Sun marked our 31st month as a couple. We celebrated this at Sushi Nori in UP Town Center. This Filipino sushi joint, located at the 2nd floor of UP Town’s Urban Turf, is best known for their temaki, which is sushi rolled in a conical manner – similar to shawarma. The temaki they have were good for only one, so we chose to have a regular sushi roll version with six pieces per order.

We also had their poke bowls, which consisted of marinated fish slices and vegetables topped over rice. Not a bad combination, after all. They say you shouldn’t eat raw fish on an empty stomach, but the sushi rolls paved the way for that.

Sushi Nori
2/F Urban Turf, UP Town Center
Katipunan Avenue, Brgy. UP Campus,
Diliman, Quezon City 1108

Next stop: the Middle East. Mazza Shawarma in Eastwood Citywalk 2 was among the restaurants I have yet to try, so we tried out the place during one Thursday. CJ no longer has classes around this time, thus she can visit any day of the week.

Mazza Shawarma touts itself as a cheap yet fulfilling fix for those who crave Mediterranean and Middle Eastern fare – and for a good reason. No wonder why a lot of expats from the Levant are frequent diners. We started off with an order of hummus with pita as an appetizer, followed up with some rice meals. CJ ordered their beef keema out of curiosity, and she absolutely liked it!

Mazza Shawarma
2/F Eastwood City Walk 2
Eastwood City, Bagumbayan,
Libis, Quezon City 1110

It’s been two years since we ate at Tom Sawyer’s, and they’re still around!

Last but not the least: India. We went to this final restaurant mainly to have dessert, after a hearty meal of fried chicken from Tom Sawyer’s Old-Fashioned Krispy Chicken. I guess the long walk from Tiendesitas to The Grove by Rockwell helped out in bringing the food down! I’m talking about Om Indian Kitchen – a restaurant that puts the “incredible” in Indian cuisine.

Om Indian Kitchen is run by mother and daughter tandem Suman and Anjie Gogna. If the surname Gogna rings a bell, yes – they are related to Sam YG (Samir Gogna) of the Boys Night Out trio. This restaurant is run by Sam’s mother and sister, to put it simply. We tried out their gulab jamun and kulfi, alongside their masala chai served two ways. Trust me, the desserts here are worth the trip!

Om Indian Kitchen
G/F The Grove By Rockwell
E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue,
Ugong, Pasig City 1604

And that’s it for my June update post. I know I seriously lack new content to publish, but with no laptop or smartphone and work primarily done on my office PC – this will have to do for now. One major hurdle will be done next month – so I’ll try to work on more new entries.

By the way, I’d like to invite you to visit THUMBNAILS TOY PHOTOGRAPHY here on WordPress. This new blog, run by a colleague, features toy photos and tips on how to set up (and take) marvelous pictures of your figure collection.

Until the next post.


17 thoughts on “163 – On A Mid-Year Food-Related Update

  1. Interesting recommendations worth to try. I haven’t been to Mazza Shawarma but I have tried keema too before (from Mr Kebab near Delta, West Ave, cor Q.A in QC, not sure if it’s still there though) and it was actually good. Mid-Eastern food have different spices in it but it is not that overpowering as I thought it would.

    • This wasn’t actually our original plan – we were torn between Genki Sushi (rather overpriced), or this one. We chose the latter. XD

      We were planning to visit Exile on Main Street, but it was closed on Sundays – so we had no choice but to go back to UPTC. 😦

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