162 – On The Issue Of Foreigners (Do Read This For Your Convenience)


1. In light of #ASEAN50 and my recent overseas trip, I am relaxing this policy towards our Southeast Asian neighbors: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, and any other member country of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Timestamp: 25 August 2017, 09:27 am.

2. I have removed a link here that leads to another blogger’s website. This comes after countless follow requests, and reaching out to the concerned blogger over email. Apparently, it stems from the fact that the aforementioned outsources blogger engagement to an external company or group. I do not know the reason for this, but I have deemed the explanation sufficient enough. Timestamp: 3 August 2018, 01:51 pm.)

Let me ask you a question.

What do you do when unwanted, annoying, and obnoxious “guests” come over to your house and spread shit all around? More so, what do you do when they refuse to pack up and leave after a polite request (and a sprinkling of salt, just like what the superstition says?) You do not lock yourself in the bedroom and rant about your predicament; rather, YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. You tell them to leave, lest law enforcement will be called in to drag their asses out of your residence. Your home, your castle, your rules!

This is what I have been recently experiencing here in The Monching’s Guide. I have not failed in checking the site every day despite my lack of posts. For those who have been reading my blog, you do know that I have a certain disdain towards foreigners. Gweilo, gaijin, ang mo, whatever you want to call them. Whether or not they pass the paper bag test, the fact of the matter is this: The Monching’s Guide is a Filipino blog aimed at a Filipino audience. I’ve repeatedly mentioned that bloggers from other countries do not get the nuances of what I post, so it’s useless for them to visit. How would you feel if outsiders barged into your event without any invitation and then complain about it? Who the flying fuck invited you anyway?

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, so the maxim says. But the thing is – the gaijins still won’t listen even if I put chili peppers on the fly trap. I’ve repeatedly removed a few people from my followers list for a start; if WordPress only had a block function, I would have used it for good measure. And just recently, one of them had the audacity to comment here – to which I responded. Not even subtle pipe bombs, profanity-laden warnings, or explicit regulation here in the blog has worked to keep them crackers out. (I adapt a far stricter attitude over at my Instagram, with a one-strike policy in place.)

Yes, I do have a problem with foreigners in general.

On a side note, I’m considering if I should extend this mindset beyond this blog – and apply it in dealing with foreigners in real life. See, here’s the ironic thing: I work in a job that involves dealing with foreigners on a daily basis. The executives have whiter skin than I do, and also some of my fellow team members. I don’t have qualms adapting this mindset in real life, but a second opinion from fellow Filipino bloggers will do.


24 thoughts on “162 – On The Issue Of Foreigners (Do Read This For Your Convenience)

  1. Ah. I’m curious why the disdain? 🙂 I think it’s inevitable because your blog is public and there are no immediate “warning” signs for online visitors.

  2. I actually don’t mind foreigners following me. kapag pinoy naman, auto follow ako. lol.

    mostly my posts, 99% of them, are for pinoys because i believe if one is looking for something internationally flavored, they can just find on a blog post elsewhere.

  3. That only means one thing: sikat ang blog mo and people are taking advantage of that! I think it’s very hard to filter them out, especially since it’s a public space. ‘Yan ang problema sa social media—WordPress man, Facebook, o kung anumang site.

    • Haha, maybe – kaso yung hindi ko target audience ang naa-attract =))

      Mabuti nga at active pa rin ako sa WordPress kahit hindi na masyadong nakakapag-post ng food reviews recently, kaya namo-monitor ko pa rin yung comments. It also helps that comments are moderated here before approval kaya nafi-filter out yung spam.

  4. I don’t think spam comments necessarily come from foreigners. I personally think it’s great when foreigners learn more about the nuances of Filipino culture through blogs.

    (But I do have a tendency to auto-follow Filipino blogs. I think it’s mostly because there’s a high chance we’ll be blogging about the same places and experiences.)

    • Agreeing with you on the first part, though some foreigners just keep on commenting the same thing over and over again (along with their blog links.) There are exemptions though – that is, if I have known the foreign blogger in person.

      I do the same with Filipino blogs; however, I’m wary of “paid blaggers” who keep on rehashing press releases and raw grammar lapses. Also, too much “hugot” blogs around…

  5. Just mark it as spam and forget about it. WordPress’ Akismet, their system for filtering out spam, is actually quite effective (just like Gmail). So don’t stress out over it, it’s not worth it! 😀

  6. How have I not been following you all this time??? I thought I did some time ago. Oh well. Hahaha I’m with you on this. Kairita yung mga “Love ❤ (followed by blog link)" or "Great read! Please do check my blog out. Thanks!" Luuh, ulul ka? Nag-rant ako ng malala tapos 'love'????? Hahaha patawa ampota

    • Finally, someone who’s having the same thoughts as I do! Honestly, pag nakakakita ako ng ganoon – nakakatempt “sapakin sa ngala-ngala”, so to speak. Putragis, parang mga hindi gumagamit ng utak eh!

      It’s fine, no issues. (Sorry din sa late reply, was out of the country for the past three days at ngayon lang naka-log in ulit haha)

  7. Woah woah woahhhhhh!!! Nagulat ako sa mga ganitong ganap. WTF? May mga ganon palang tao?! Wala akong Filipino audience before. Ngayon lang ako naeexpose sa mga Filipino blogs (kaya sobrang saya ko) teka, magstalk muna po ako sa blog mo. Naiintriga ako sa mga ginagawa ng mga foreigner or mga comment nila na nakakainis hahaha.

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