160 – On The 2017 MUNI Market Day

MUNI has been one of the organizations I have been interested in, ever since I started blogging. Their mantra of conscious consumption and mindful living is an anti-thesis to the rampant consumerism in recent years.

The organization promotes this mantra, and an overall pro-environment theme, in their events like bazaars and meetups. Held last April 8 and 9 of this year, MUNI Market Day 2017 gathers home-grown purveyors that promote a reduced-carbon-footprint lifestyle and encourage mindful living. The bazaar also serves as an avenue for these purveyors to showcase their offerings to the general public.

This is officially my third time to attend MUNI Market Day (with CJ) at Capitol Commons in Pasig City, having attended the 2015 iteration and the previous year’s engagement. I wasn’t able to blog about the 2016 edition, so let me make up for it through this post.

Just like the usual MUNI Market Days – there were sellers, performances, and MUNI Meetup talks (which I was unable to attend). Below are some of MUNI Market Day‘s mindful merchants who were present during the event:

Risque Designs puts a touch of Filipino culture and native textiles in every customized pair of shoes.

Obrano incorporates native weaves in its utilitarian leather pieces.

Gouache offers waxed canvas bags that can withstand the elements for the urban traveler.

The Manila Collectible Co. showcases the best of Philippine culture from all around the country.

WVN Home Textiles injects indigenous textiles in your everyday household items, while Akaba merges stylish functionality and a unique Philippine flair in their bags.

Jertie’s Kitchen whips us yummy desserts with a healthy twist using organic, all-natural, and vegan ingredients.

And of course, we have food. Contrary to popular belief, healthy food need not be bland and tasteless. Who would have thought that delectable dishes that care for both your body and the environment are available at the MUNI Market Day?

Not really much highlights, but here are some other shots:

And this concludes my post about MUNI Market Day 2017. I know I’m not qualified to be an intern anymore (as I’m too old), but I’ll surely continue supporting MUNI’s future endeavors in one way or another.

If you ask me, two fantastic ways to support businesses that adhere to MUNI’s mantra would be to patronize their products and promote them in an ethical manner. I’m looking forward to attend next year’s iteration – and hopefully attend one of the plenary talks.

Visit MUNI on Facebook and Instagram and stay connected. Until the next post.

6 thoughts on “160 – On The 2017 MUNI Market Day

  1. I remember the Manila Collectible!
    IDK if they still have a place just behind the Manila Cathedral and if they still sell those sandwich spreads made from tsokolate and yema/dulce de leche–now those were sinfully addictive! Pam and I raced there from the office just to get a hold of bottles. And they had nice people manning their store-museum.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Methinks it was one of the owners who manned the booth during that event, but she told me that apparently, they are no longer located at the back of Manila Cathedral (where Vera Studios is located). MCC’s new store can now be found at the (newly renovated) Fort Santiago compound.

      Oh, speaking of those – good thing you mentioned them, Mati. 🙂

      For the spreads, she mentioned that the tsokolate tablea spread is out of stock and they have yet to make a new batch. No idea about the yema / dulce de leche variant, though.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Inside Fort Santiago?! Sounds kinda like a hassle–if the park still has that entrance fee. But what if you just want something from the store? Oh, well. Never mind.

        I miss those spreads. Both variants had that grainy texture, keeping true with their inspiration. Or at least ones that I am familiar with.

        Thanks, Monch!

        Liked by 1 person

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