158 – On Skinhead Symphonies And Nutcases

Yes, call me crazy for wearing this outfit in tropical summer weather—more so with Manila’s heat and lack of trees. Blame it on force of habit; Sundays are the only time I can freely wear these types of clothes, and mainly for the times CJ and I go out. Besides, button-down shirts like these were made for casual use. What better day to wear them than on weekends? Never mind if this gray corduroy shirt from Uniqlo tends to wrinkle easily – it’s meant to work that way for something “rugged”.

Call me crazy for wearing something that should have been thrown away years ago. I matched the gray corduroy shirt with a pair of washed jeans from Denim Blues, for a look that’s straight out of London. Never mind that these were actually Dad’s jeans that I had altered for a good reason. It saved me a ton of money from buying a new pair, and I managed to give it a new lease on life. Why purchase something new when the current jeans I have can possibly outlive me?

Call me crazy for bringing an extra polo shirt, despite being within proximity of a nearby mall for cooling down. One should anticipate sweating buckets in the sweltering summer heat, especially with a fully-decked outfit like mine. This Performance Deck polo shirt by Nautica, a birthday gift from Dad, does the trick. Skinheads usually wear these with braces (suspenders for you Americans), but I only had this belt from H&M. Doesn’t matter, still works.

Lastly, call me crazy for wearing Dr. Martens work boots in the middle of April. The summer months mark the resurgence of casual footwear such as boat shoes, flip-flops, and espadrilles – yet I still insist on wearing these iconic skinhead boots. These are also hand-me-downs from Dad, after a friend based in Canada bought it for him. Ironically, I found out that this Roseland boot I’m wearing was designed mainly for bikers—who were main rivals of the sharply-dressed mods. I thought this model was a bootleg one at first, owing to the lack of a heel loop at the back. Fortunately, my research proved that this was not the case.

Call me a nutcase for wearing this outfit. I don’t care, and I even take it as a compliment. Now, would you like a Glasgow smile on the side to go with that?

Gray corduroy button-down shirt: Uniqlo
Navy blue Performance Deck polo shirt: Nautica
Washed denim jeans: Denim Blues
Black leather belt: H&M
Sports bag: Umbro
Roseland boots: Dr. Martens


2 thoughts on “158 – On Skinhead Symphonies And Nutcases

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